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1. Introduction to Passive Income

1 eisagogi sta pathitika eisodimata

1. Introduction to passive income


Make passive income with crypto and get really rich with the CRYPTO FOR LIFE program!



Hello, my friends! Welcome to the CRYPTO FOR LIFE program.


I’m Yiannis Divramis,

I’m a crypto expert and entrepreneur for the last 22 years or so.

I’m a bit older than I look here.

You came here because I make money and have passive income from crypto.

This means I don’t have to work and exchange time for money.

My passive income exceeds my expenses.

So, I’m theoretically rich.

You came to make passive income with crypto and get rich from it too.

You don’t have to get rich many times.

It’s only needed once.

No matter how many times you’ve tried in the past, know that it only takes once to become rich for life.

With this program I want the average user who doesn’t have much idea about crypto to be able to start their own crypto business.

To make money and be able to keep his wealth.


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See the business plan

In this program step zero is to see the business plan.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, please watch it to know which company and which model we will work with.

The second is that you must have registered with WEWE since you have seen the plan.

Because otherwise we can’t move forward.

The program is only for those who have seen the plan.

They have also registered and received a package that costs only €547.

Those who have trouble doing this are welcome to continue below.

Because they can’t do business and make money.

Those who still want help to go through the steps can call me.

Otherwise email me and contact me on social media.


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7 + 1 steps for CRYPTOFORLIFE

Let’s see what are the 7 + 1 steps we will follow in CRYPTO FOR LIFE.

  1. The first is the introduction to passive income.
  2. The second is the goal and dreams.
  3. The third is the choice of business model.
  4. The fourth is the prospecting candidates list.
  5. The fifth is the sales funnel. ( This is sites like CRYPTO FOR LIFE. You can do the same. )
  6. Sixth is video and content creation.
  7. The seventh is to promote the videos and introduce new partners to the network.
  8. The optimization and testing we need to do on all these steps along the way to improve enrollment rates and success rates.

Those who have a problem and don’t understand it right away, that’s okay.

You can watch the videos from the beginning a second time.

You can download the CRYPTO FOR LIFE Guide and view it right now.

You can read all the steps on how to make money with crypto.

You can also call me to talk in person about what we are going to do and draw up a strategy for success.


1 Passive income

Let’s go to the first step which is passive income

Rich people don’t work for money.

According to Robert Kiyosaki “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” which I recommend to you there are 4 categories of income.

  1. First is the income from official work.
  2. Second, self-employment income.
  3. Third income from businesses.
  4. Fourth, investment income.

To become rich, one must have income from investments.

Because the incomes that make us rich are passive incomes.


What does this mean;

Our passive income is what we don’t have to work to invest.

Like rents, crypto from staking, dividends from stocks.

Anything else we can get without working.

All this makes us rich.

When these exceed our expenses then we are rich.

For example, if I make 1000€ of passive income from crypto and my expenses are 999€ then I am 1€ richer.

This is the definition of wealth that we will follow throughout the CRYPTO FOR LIFE course.

I would like those who have doubts about this to do their own research.

In crypto we say do your own research (DYOR).

Do your own research on what we say and you will see that it is indeed what we say.

Any other theory will not help you and will never lead you to become truly rich.

Because you will just work for the money.

A doctor has money but he is not rich.

Because he has to work for the money.

It’s what Americans call work rich.

In essence, he is not rich because he does not have time and cannot afford to do whatever he wants whenever he wants.

Unlike someone who has passive income but is not a doctor.

He can use all his passive income.

Since he has time to travel, go on vacation, deal with his children.


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To have the lifestyle he wants without being forced by various employers, the government and various other situations to be pressured to work.

Be careful because the state of wealth is the state of mind.

Passive income comes from the situation we have trained our minds to be in.

That’s it for the first issue.

In the second step we will go to the goal, the dream and the burning desire that we have.

Just the first step is to introduce how one can become rich from crypto.

A break and we continue to the second step.


Part of the proceeds will be given to the Foreign Mission of the Orthodox Brotherhood of Greece

Part of the proceeds will be given to the Foreign Mission of the Orthodox Brotherhood of Greece.

And to be sure of where the money is going because it sounds too much, I myself will go to the missions in Africa.

In Madagascar, Congo and all the other countries where there is an issue because people need our help.

I will capture all this with the lens and you will see it on my YouTube channel and Tik Tok.

I will give the money directly to those in need.


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