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2. Goal Dream

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What is your goal, dream or burning desire before you go into the crypto? Write it down so you can make it happen!



I am Giannis Divramis and the second step is the goal, the dream, the desire… the burning desire.

The goal should be written and we should visualize it.


According to research done at Harvard University several years ago, 3% of graduates had written goals and were successful.


The other 97% went where life took them and had no sense of purpose on this planet.

I have goals.

I am a goal-oriented person by nature.

I’ve had goals since I was little.

Some I succeed in and some I don’t.

It is impossible to achieve what we set our minds to.


Why is having a personal goal necessary?

Because either we don’t want it or some other goal prevails that takes us in the opposite direction.

However, when we have a goal and we want it.

We breathe through it and see it every day and envision it.

We have a very high chance of achieving up to 100%.


Having a goal doesn’t mean you’ll be 100% successful, but the lack of it is a 100% guarantee that you’ll achieve nothing.


It is almost certain that something will happen.

But lack of aim is a 100% guarantee that you will fail at everything you do and especially in crypto.

Because this is a business.

We have to put in money and personal time, in the beginning, to make it work.

So, we should know where we are going.

If you have read the book Alice in Wonderland you will know.

At one point Alice asks why she was lost in wonderland to go somewhere and the hare asks her where do you want to go?

He says I don’t know.

Then it doesn’t matter where you’re going.

Wherever you go it’s the same.

This means the lack of a goal.

If we are in one place and have no goal, we don’t need to know where we are going.

We are going everywhere.

Let’s go wherever.

If we are in Athens and want to go to Thessaloniki, our goal is to go north and take the national road.

There is nothing else.

But if we are in Athens and we don’t know where to go and we don’t have a goal wherever we go, it’s the same.

Whether we go to Corinth or Sparta or Thessaloniki or the islands.

I think you understand that you need to aim now.


How should we set a goal?

Because our program is financial you should have some financial goals.

But it would help if you also had life goals for your lifestyle.

You should now think and write down your goals as if they were made in the following format.

I use it in both Greek and English.

I am so happy and grateful that I make €1000 per night passively.

I am so happy and grateful because I am making 1000€ passively every night.

Since I don’t have to work it can be at night.

I sleep at that time and earn them.

So, you should think about how much you want to earn per week or month completely passively without being present at your work.

This means that this model works without you.

That’s the amazing thing about being both an investor and an entrepreneur.

You are in Robert Kiyosaki’s fourth wealth quartile in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad.


Your goal is passive income every month.

  • It can be €1000 a day.
  • It can be 4000€ per night.
  • It can be 5000€ per night.
  • It can be €10,000 or €100,000.

I have friends right now who are making €1,000,000.

Not one but many.

I meet them often.

You can become one of them because they are not prettier than me and smarter than me.

They don’t have anything different.


Also, the goal I have is real

Someone has achieved this goal.

I don’t aim to be the first man to go to Mars which has never been done before for us earthlings.

I have a goal that has been done so it can be done for you as long as you believe it.

Another book I will mention is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

In the book, he states that anything the human mind can conceive it can achieve.

I mean to grasp it and believe it.

As long as we think we can achieve it in reality do not put too low amounts.

Bet tragically huge amounts that will be incredible to achieve and will tickle your fancy.

Because I’m tickled too when I think about it but I know it will happen.

So, sit down and think about how much money per month you will be satisfied with.







€1,000,000 a month?

€10,000,000 a month?


Write a number down.


I challenge you to see how far your imagination can go.

Because our imagination is very powerful.

You can close your eyes and imagine that you are a multi-millionaire.

You make €10,000,000 a month every month and it’s growing.

Because passive income is also invested the next month 11 the next 13 and so on.

There is no limit to how much money you will make.


Don’t put limits on yourself

You have homework to do right now.

Finally, write down your goals.

Let one be the financial goal that we will talk about further below.

We take a break to write the objective and go to 3 which is the choice of business model.


Part of the proceeds will be given to the Foreign Mission of the Orthodox Brotherhood of Greece

Part of the proceeds will be given to the Foreign Mission of the Orthodox Brotherhood of Greece.

And to be sure of where the money is going because it sounds too much, I will go to the missions in Africa.

In Madagascar, Congo, and all the other countries where there is an issue because people need our help.

I will capture all this with the lens and you will see it on my YouTube channel and Tik Tok.

I will give the money directly to those in need.


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