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3. Choice of Business Model

CRYPTO FOR LIFE epixeirimatiko montelo3. Choice of business model

To achieve the goals you set, you need a vehicle or business model designed to make you truly rich!




The third step is choosing a business model.

For those who have not seen the WEWE Global presentation, please see it.

Those of you who haven’t signed up, sign up.


Registration is free.


Do KYC i.e., identity and photo verification.

Also, put the minimum amount required which is €547.

This is necessary to move forward.

The program is addressed to those who have signed up and to those who have received a package.

If you haven’t done it yet you can’t get the rewards and seize this opportunity that is opening up in front of you in the cryptos.

Complete the steps and continue from here.

Awesome I know you all have.

I know because I have imagined it and written it down.

I know through this program another 100 people will come out and become successful entrepreneurs.

This is my personal goal from the program.

I don’t do it for no reason because I had nothing to do and I was bored.

I have very important things to do in my life.


But one of the very important is to create 100 passive income crypto entrepreneurs who will make money without working.


And to transfer all this knowledge that I have accumulated over the last 22 years to new and older people than me.

In general, I want to pass this knowledge on to others so that they can have the same results as me.


Choice of business model

I get emotional but with emotion,n our goal is better captured.

We will not use logic purely.

We have to put some emotion into it to be able to capture our goals.

Let our thoughts become action.

Too many will ask why we should do this and not something else.

I appreciate that you keep thinking of me now that I’ve started a business and gotten it going.


I release this program CRYPTO FOR LIFE.


However, not everyone can express their thoughts here.

Right now I have a passive income and I don’t need to work again.

Now if I stop it doesn’t matter because my passive income exceeds my expenses.

I can continue to live the life I want with the means I have now.

I just want something more and I insist.

That’s why I haven’t retired, but that will happen soon.

In any case, you retire when your finances allow it and not when the state allows it.

That’s why this program exists.

The business model we will use is passive income combined with affiliate marketing and network marketing with WEWE Global’s platform and LYOPAY.

If you have seen the video of the presentation you have understood more things.


Read: Start your own crypto business with €547.


You have joined this unique platform.

Because it has many pay levels.

It has about 17 pay levels and 6 different bonuses.

It can give you the money you want every month through bonus commissions etc.


Mastermind group

Also, a very important thing that the WEWE Global platform and ecosystem will give you is connections.

The mastermind group is the group of people with the same thinking as you and are already making up to €150,000 per month.

This exists in Greece today.

They have the same minds as you and you hang out with them.

There is a saying, “Same people always come close to the same ones” which means, the rich go to the rich.

That is why there are poor neighborhoods and rich neighborhoods.

The rich gather in one place because the poor cannot follow them there.

I have nothing bad to say about the poor because I know where I come from.

I wasn’t born rich.

I was born like most of us but that doesn’t mean I can’t make money and become rich.

Imagine yourself rich has unlimited money and going on vacation all year round.


Who will follow you?

Except for your wife and children who can come with you at any time.

Even if you disagree because money brings some understanding.

Who can accompany you to go Dubai for a week?

Your poor friends can’t follow.

You must have rich friends like me and others at WEWE Global.

That’s why we follow this business model.

It is mathematically certain that if you keep following it, it will make you rich very soon.

That’s it for the third step.

We will go to the fourth step where we will need to do more work.

This is the list of candidates who will staff our company and whom we will introduce to WEWE Global.

Part of the proceeds will be given to the Foreign Mission of the Orthodox Brotherhood of Greece.

And to be sure of where the money is going because it sounds too much, I myself will go to the missions in Africa.

In Madagascar, Congo, and all the other countries where there is an issue because people need our help.

I will capture all this with the lens and you will see it on my YouTube channel and Tik Tok.

I will give the money directly to those in need.


Watch all the videos from the CRYPTO FOR LIFE program:

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