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4. List of Prospecting Candidates

CRYPTO FOR LIFE lista prospecting4. List of prospecting candidates

Build a huge list of candidates to talk to about the crypto business opportunity and they will become your partners!




The fourth step is the creation of a prospecting candidate list as we say which can be done in 2 ways.


The business can be set up in 2 ways:

  • with natural
  • and electronic.


Naturally, it means that I will have to talk to and introduce a lot of people to the network by meeting them out on the street.

This is done every day and is the traditional way of network marketing.

WEWE is a combination:

  • affiliate marketing and
  • network marketing.


This is unique in affiliate marketing and the crypto world.

There is no other affiliate marketing as serious and as powerful as WEWE.

I don’t want to make comparisons because I always avoid them.

I will ask you the best question.


Which is the best cryptocurrency?

There is no answer to this.

That is why we should not ask which is the best.


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The second way is electronically through social media

  • I personally use email marketing
  • Second, my sites
  • YouTube channels
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • VKontakte


This doesn’t mean using them all but it would be nice.

Because in other videos I have on my channel about SEO and website promotion you should have a physical online presence to catch people who are there.

Here we will talk about a combination of prospecting electronic media and physical media.

Because this speeds up the process and saves us a lot of time.


What will we do with prospecting and candidates?

We will open an excel.

You can also do it on your mobile because it’s Google Sheets.

You can do it on your computer and sheets of paper.

You will write all your acquaintances from everywhere on all social media.

Make a huge list and see how many people you can talk to.

Having a long list is an important thing for success.

The list is only for those in the know but it doesn’t mean anything.

Because it will then be enriched with advertisements that will be made by those who want.

Advertisements can be made on social media and other advertising media that exist.

There are so many and through this program, we can show you so many things.

I have tons of ideas that I will show you in future videos.


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We write the list and catch the people one by one.

We’ll either send them videos we’ve made ourselves on TikTok.

I am referring to TikTok because we only need our mobile.

We need a good mobile either iPhone or Samsung.

I prefer these 2 because they have a better camera.

We should stand and talk for 60 seconds.

The maximum TikTok gives us is 3 minutes for those who don’t have a channel.

If you don’t have a TikTok channel you can start now.

The purpose of the list is to know whom we have spoken to and which of them will be written to.

Some will be written immediately.

Some will be written later.

Some will never be written and would never be written because we don’t like them.

My list is huge and growing every day.

Because I do too much electronic stuff.

I want to pass this on to you too.

You can do it too without running around begging everyone to write somewhere.

The way I use it is written here.

After it is written, I explain to him what it is.

You will tell me that this is how I write people without knowing what they are.

Of course, but I know my results.


The steps are brief:

I open a list in excel

I am creating a video on TikTok presentation

I am adding the WEWE registration link on TikTok

I sign up new affiliates and lead them to buy a package

I should do this at least 100 times with different videos


Anyone who signs up and puts money in will make money

So, he won’t lose anything.

So why don’t I suggest that he write and let’s go to step two?

From explaining to him that I have a crypto business.

Whereas if you tell him to write himself here, it is great.

Put that money in and you’ll get that money out.

Now you have to refer 2 friends.

This is how the business is set up without realizing it and you become a digital entrepreneur.

Finished the fourth step which is the list.

Let’s go to the fifth which is the creation of a funnel site and it is quite important.

Part of the proceeds will be given to the Foreign Mission of the Orthodox Brotherhood of Greece.

And to be sure of where the money is going because it sounds too much, I myself will go to the missions in Africa.

In Madagascar, Congo, and all the other countries where there is an issue because people need our help.

I will capture all this with the lens and you will see it on my YouTube channel and Tik Tok.

I will give the money directly to those in need.


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