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7 Things l learned after Affiliate World Dubai 2022

7 Things l learned after Affiliate World Dubai 2022

Affiliate World is one of the biggest affiliate events in the world with more than 21000 affiliates in a yearly basis!

What I learned there?

I t was the first time I’ve been at a conference of this kind.

Affiliate World is both a conference and a seminar with more than 7.000 people around the world and 100 exhibitors.

I met some very interesting young and ambitious people there, because most of them were under 35, younger than me and there are 7 things that I learned.

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1. Hybrid SEO

Number 1 thing I learned in Affiliate World seminar in Dubai 2022 is hybrid SEO.

We are gonna get more in the affiliate SEO marketing, because now we are 90% approximately and it is a day to day job and we hit ceiling in this business in the last 2 – 3 years and we are looking for other niches and verticals to get in.

Affiliate SEO is one of them and by doing this I could tell you that affiliate marketing is still alive.

I have met many people at this conference that we are making 300K per month.

That is true, so affiliate marketing is still alive and you can be the next affiliate by watching this video in order to build your own affiliate business.

We offer a wide range of services and we are also doing are own affiliate marketing with our own tools and our own verticals.

In the next 10 years affiliate marketing will be in the front of you and you can still start doing something in new verticals and new verticals will come this decade.

2. Make connections and Affiliate World Dubai 2022

It is not only for technical reasons, but because people are everywhere.

People will help you to succeed in your goals.

Networking is a must and here in Greece we are very isolated economically, geographically, culturally from the rest of the world.

We don’t do this king of seminars, we can’t find people work for us etc. etc.

We need to reach to you by going to the seminars.

All these years I was only on the inbound marketing and I’ve never done something outbound, make cold calls and going to exhibitions to find clients but this time this is going to change.

We will go to many seminars and meet interesting people in order to work together.

3. Attend both Affliate World seminars


So, number 3 is that we are gonna attend both Affliate World seminars.

One is in Barcelona in July 6 -7 2022 and the other is in Bangkok in December and in Dubai next year.

Every 4 months there is a conference, so you can write down your goals and make a benchmark of what have you achieved this quarter.

Very significant to make goals and to check them every 4 months, it is not good to check them every day or every week or every month because of these goals should be more long term.

It is best for you to make long term goals and keep yourself focused on them, but not watching on them every day.

That will make you tremble a bit or question yourself and this is destructive because your results will not be so significant.

If you made 20 – 30% progress from seminar to seminar it is very important, because you are heading towards your goal even though you haven’t succeeded in this goal yet.

4. International SEO

The fourth thing is international SEO.

Many of you maybe you are in a bigger market like us like the American or the German market.

Greek market is not a good fit for us right now, because it is quite small.

We have dominated this market all these years, but it cannot serve our goals, purposes and ambitions.

We are going to focus on International SEO as many other agencies is met in Affiliate Word Dubai 2022.

Maybe you are too from a small country like Greece, such as Ireland or Bulgaria or Hungary or the Netherlands.

This is not enough for highly competitive agencies like us and maybe like you.

But even if you are not a SEO agency or a SEO expert you can be our client if you are an eshop owner and you want SEO services.

You can reach to us and we can help you, so ask for a quote.

5. Success is coming 80% from networking and the 20% comes from technical knowledge

You can see that our website and our videos are extremely technical.

We have more than 100 posts and pages about SEO and this is going to expand over the months, because we doing many videos every moth.

But, we still need people to succeed so don’t forget about networking.

Inbound marketing is alright but you can never compare it with the reach that you have in the personal level by attending events like Affiliate World.

If you come to the Affiliate World in Barcelona we can meet there in 6 – 7, you had to book your ticket before you left the pervious event, that is their strategy.

6. Persistance

Number 6 is persistence and time is essential, because the goals are long term, so you need to show persistence, patience and you need to do what you planned for 12, because we cannot become successful in one day.

Sometimes your goals need more time, for instance 2 – 3 years to achieve the income that you want or ranking results you want.

Google is slowing down the ranking process every time and Google updates are coming to detriment the previous rankings you had, so you need more time in order to recover or find new solutions for your website.

But you need time and persistence to fight for this in order to gain it, we need to have the psychology of the winner.

7. Improve your mindset

Number 7 is to improve your mindset.

In order to change your mindset you need to be in a constant improvement phase and always work to improve yourself, even if it is 1% per year or per month.

For instance, improving yourself 1% per month, you will improve yourself approximately 15% in a year or more.

In 2 years you can improve yourself 30% or around 60% and this will be possible by making small daily improvements in your routine, your time, your finance.

This will make a difference in your long term lifetime.

If you made your first website and it is perfect and you like it too much, it is too late.

You have lost much time because when I made my first website I wasn’t ready and I couldn’t build it properly.

I didn’t have a logo, everything was wrong, but it was back then in 2012 when I looked down and I felt so embarrassed for me and the website was so poorly developed and built.

Everything was so bad but this is the meaning of mindset, you need to start now and improve your mindset through the years.

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