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7. Website and Sales Video Promotion

CRYPTO FOR LIFE proothisi istoselidas sales video7. Website and sales video promotion

Promote your website and sales video promotion with ads and organically on all social media and increase the performance of your online business tenfold!




Step 7 is promoting your website and the sales page you currently have.

When e.g. I make a video on TikTok someone should see it.

See this there are also TikTok Ads which is the best and most economical platform at the moment.

It is at the stage where Facebook Ads was in 2013.


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I’m opening a business account on TikTok since I’ve made quite a few videos.

Inside the TikTok business account, I should put the landing page which is my site.

I’ll have to put in some money.

€100 is enough to start but you can put in less.

I start with €100 to test which videos will have the highest performance.

I put up 2-3 videos for 10€ a day which means I will spend 3€ for each video to get people to the landing page so I can list them and then list them on WEWE.

This is the whole process in simple steps.


TikTok videos Promotion

Beyond TikTok Ads, there are other media such as

  • Facebook Ads,
  • Google Ads,
  • YouTube Ads,
  • Instagram Ads,
  • Pinterest Ads,
  • LinkedIn Ads,
  • Native Ads.

I am talking more about ads because if we start something completely organic with Google we will have to wait 6 to 12 months to get results and we will be disappointed.


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I do both the 2 models and organic promotion with various sites I have as well as paid ads.

Paid ads are the best model right now because, at a very low cost, I can write dozens of people to my business.

The first time I did TikTok Ads within 4 hours and with €10 I signed up 6 people.

Then TikTok cut me off because it was about crypto.

But along the way, you can start again with your account because surely some of you will have such issues.

We always have such issues in affiliate marketing with Facebook Ads, etc.

Many accounts are lost and banned by Facebook for various reasons.

Why Facebook and TikTok work with bots.

So, any cancellation is not your fault.

It’s the TikTok bot that did it.

But you can get your account back and do what you were doing.

Promoting your sales videos and website in general is a process that can be done continuously and without your physical presence.

While paid ads can play every day while you’re on vacation and prospects subscribe to your channel and get emails and videos from you.

We will talk about this in the next video.

They will do the same for you.

That’s the whole breeding model in a nutshell.

So right now, you should open a TikTok Ads account and test your first video on it.

And we go to the eighth and last step.

Part of the proceeds will be given to the Foreign Mission of the Orthodox Brotherhood of Greece.

And to be sure of where the money is going because it sounds too much, I myself will go to the missions in Africa.

In Madagascar, Congo, and all the other countries where there is an issue because people need our help.

I will capture all this with the lens and you will see it on my YouTube channel and Tik Tok.

I will give the money directly to those in need.


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