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Day 4B- Is it Compulsory to succeed in MLM?

Hello folks, just for a second time in the fourth day of this 100 days marathon challenge, l commited to. How is it going? l was installing an update on my new blog website www.divramis.com, when finally the hosting crashed… Yes it happens to everyone sometimes, especially when he is a newbie, like me! On top of that, l lost everything l had on it -fortunatelly not so many posts- but l am waiting with anxiety the servers to restart and to reinstall my blog from scratch. Nobody is perfect. Second time, better results.

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Day 4-The Four Major Obstacles to Change

The biggest obstacles to change are fear, lack of motivation, lack of knowledge and lack of vision.You will not change if YOU fear failure, if YOU don’t have a reason to change, if YOU don’t know how to change or if YOU don’t know where change will take YOU. If you want to inspire change in others, you have to make YOUR future rewards stronger than their current fears. If this change is to be successful, it is essential YOU have the necessary reinforcement or tools that will assist YOU in the transformation process.

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Day 3- Ask and is given

How are you today? Greece has almost 40 degrees celsius, that is equal to 104 F, it was very hot day with many people wanted to go to the beach, but they couldn’t. That’s a pity because Greece has so many nice beaches, as it has 15.000km of coastline, the time that France which is five times the size of Greece, has only 3.000km!

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Day 2 – Why l joined the Empower Network? And why you should join too. This is not a command.

Why l joined the Empower Network? And why you should join too. This is not a command.

Many people ask me why l joined the Empower Network and l wonder why this profound question. Yes for me is very profound. First of all l would like to mention that l am not biased with any other online marketing programs, or any other companies. We are playing a competition game, but a collaboration one. We are all universally connected and there is not good for anyone by blaming or confront someone.

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Welcome to My Blog!

This is my first blogging experience, and l feel like a first year student, back to 1998 in London. l didn’t know anything, but l wanted everything. Yes, guys l would liked to conqueur the world. This was the reason l left my hometown in Greece and moved to college in London. 14 years later […]

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