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When you start there are many thousand of people in the internet the so-called guru’s and they will fall upon you to eat you alive.

They simply want to make money with you and if you are careless you are going to lose thousands of dollars trying to make any many if ever!

How do l know that?

l have been there, l still answer to telephones and emails from gurus.

My question to them was how do l make money online?

Do you want to know their answers for real?

The first person l talked to Skype with, asked me $15.000 to teach me the tricks!

The second was more sensible, while the bill was as low as $1.650!

The third wanted only $4.000!

If you have found yourself in a difficult position and call a person back to help you, for instance your mentor,

did he told you about the auto magical up sell super-duper program that costs only $997 and will do everything for you?


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