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Life Without Google

Life Without Google Have you ever felt deprived from google? l just got banned from google, the previous week. So now l have to live a googless life. My life without google. When l opened the email, the keyboard slipped off my hands, l was petrified, l couldn’t believe it Google has banned me! l […]

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Day 13 – The New Google Penguin Update and My Personal Strategy

Hello Folks! How are you today? Day 13 of the 100 Day Blogging Marathon and still going. I was researching the whole day about how to raise web traffic for my blog when an a article about the new penguin update algorithm of google came up to me. Very interesting article l thought and after […]

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17 Massive Web Traffic Tips

17 Massive Web Traffic Tips 1. Add a blog to your website. If your website is static, then consider adding a blog. 2. Write guest posts. You can find a blog buddy or a blog partner to start exchanging blogging services. This will multiply your content and your backlink creation.  More backlinks means higher search […]

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