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How to start an Internet Business Blog Part 5

July 5, 2012 |


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How to start an Internet Business Blog Part 5

There are five big chapters in starting an internet business blog.

1. Niche

2. Content

3. Traffic

4. Monetization

5. Optimization You are here!


In this series we will cover this five huge aspects with simple words. Today we are going to talk about internet business blog optimization. If you had reached this page, then congratulations! you are the top 3% of the bloggers that they will eventually decide to do everything it requires to make their internet business blog to succeed!


What is  internet business blog optimization?


Skipping optimization is a fatal error, even if you already have a large following and are financially profitable. Sure, you are successful, but your glory won’t last unless you further your growth, there are always others out there vying for your audience. Blog optimization is different from search engine optimization. What is exactly internet blog optimization?

Is to optimize our blog theme and to bring it in line with our target audience wants and needs.  Apart from that we have to adjust everything we have in the blog and is not working or not gaining much traffic with that content that is more popular. For instance if we notice that the pillar articles are better than the epic, we will write more pillar articles. If the topic affiliate marketing is better than the topic think and grow rich, then we will adjust our blog to the most popular categories. This means that some categories have to leave, merge and we have to replace them with other categories.

Copywriting is also important. We should look what kind of writing style is better for our blog.


Optimization Cycles

We need to have two or four optimization cycles for our site in a year, every three months or every six months. Optimization cycle sometimes means and basic redesign or template improvement. Take care of building better graphics for your audience. In terms of keywords, we have to refrain them if needed and deepen our market niche research. It’s about time if we have made our decisions of what market niche is more efficient, to keep the proper niche or to try to attract a new one. Think what niche is underserved and make your proper adjustments.

What we need to optimize? Here is a list:

  1. market niche,
  2. keywords,
  3. domain names,
  4. social media,
  5. content,
  6. graphics and theme,
  7. navigation,
  8. widgets, aovid widget overload
  9. mailing lists, which is the best meail ist?
  10. traffic sources, which traffic leads to higher conversion?
  11. monetization sources
  12. copywriting


The proper mindset for optimization

Optimization is like the quality cycles, is the philosophy of kaizen that mean the continuous improvement. If we have 4 quality cycles in a whole year, then we will not only have a better internet business blog, but our sources of income will explode. This means that we need to have the proper mindset for optimization. First of all, never give up! Never quit blogging daily! Success needs persistence and its a marathon. You cannot succeed in three months, but you can if you continue making the proper adjustment and getting better. Success will come. Moreover you have to be teachable and to do whatever it takes to succeed. You cannot succeed only with hard work, you need the proper mindset and to be open for new challenges, new people and new ideas to flow into your life. You cannot have different results by doing the same things you done in the past.

Finally you can’t blog only for money, you need to have a passion and to love what you are doing. l was always loved internet, communication and social media. l love blogging very much. So it is the dream profession for me.


Benefits of Optimization

Optimization leads to automation, the more the automation, the less time you will spent and the more money you will make from your blog. l don’ want to say too much about automation, because it is more advanced topic and you need to invest some money, but it deserves every penny! Trust me.

Internet business blog optimization get your business to the next level. Some blog see a 30 to 100% income raise with optimization. The same will happen to you.

You have repeat visitors and loyal customers. When you optimize your blog for the user experience, you make it easy for users to return and engage in your blog without dealing with any of the hassles that can cause them to abandon other sites or blog entries. Repeat visitors are the cream of your blog, so by following these tips you have given them the tools they need to return as well as the user experience that makes them want to come back.

Internet Business Blog Resources




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How to start an Internet Business Blog Online Course

1. Niche

2. Content

3. Traffic

4. Monetization

5. Optimization You are here!


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how to start an internet business blog part5


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how to start an internet business blog part5

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