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Day 69 – Top 10 Blog Posts

Top 10 Blog Posts Hello Everybody! 7 days left before my moving to Munich, Germany and l thought instead of an Obituary and some nostalgic thoughts to write about the Top 10 Blog Posts l made in my Internet Business Blog. Every change in our lifes is for good, so it is time to move […]

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What is Internet Marketing?

What is Internet Marketing? Even today, when the internet population is reaching the startling 3 billion users, there are people who don t have an idea what is internet marketing about and how can someone make money online. Actually, the 99% of the general population doesn t know what is internet marketing about. People are asking me […]

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The 7 Skills Of Superstar Sponsoring

The 7 Skills Of Superstar Sponsoring As l wrote before, Superstar Sponsoring is basically allowing your business prospects to pay all or most of the expenses that you accrue through promoting your business. With Superstar Marketing or Sponsoring , you constantly feed your list with valuable content and they end up coming back to you and […]

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Day 36 – Superstar Marketing 3

Lady Gaga is the no1 in Superstar Marketing! Superstar Marketing 3 Some people believe that this superstar marketing serial post has become something like Rambo or Rocky series! Just kidding! Many people have a problem with themselves! They don t believe in themselves! This is a major pitfall in Superstar Marketing, since the product is you. […]

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The Twitter Top 100 List

The Twitter Top 100 List We talked many times about attraction marketing, superstar marketing etc. It is about time to see some real life examples. So one of them is The Twitter Top 100 List! Who do you believe are the top 100 most followed on Twitter? L didn t know and a quick search on […]

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Day 34 – Superstar Marketing 2

Superstar Marketing 2   You First Branding Have you ever seen the newbies distributors in any mlm opportunity? For the first three months they are cheering up and down, they are clueless and they brand the company instead of branding them. This leads to failure. Why do network marketing companies love newbie affiliates? Because none of […]

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Superstar Marketing Part 1

Superstar Marketing Part 1 Have you ever seen the paparazzi chasing a superstar? Do you know who is the number one in followers in twitter? Do you know who is the most well paid actor in Hollywood? Do you ever wondered who is the most well paid athlete in the world? Do you know how […]

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Day 22 – The Four Seasons Of Network Marketing

Hello Folks! How are you today? Day 4 of the 100 Day Blogging Marathon Challenge! l am very excited to welcome you back! Today l will touch a very painful topic for all you. That is called Prospecting or in other words to start chasing every body in the range of 100 miles! Other people […]

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