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Hello everyone! I am Yannis Divramis.

We are live on Facebook, on TikTok, on Youtube and Instagram.

Today we are gonna talk about how to make money with crypto.

I am not a financial advisor.

This is not financial advice.

This presentation is only for educational reasons.

I am going to show what I personally do to make money with affiliate marketing and crypto.

My website is

I also have the Greek version which is

I am an affiliate marketer since 2000 and in crypto professionally for the last 3 years.

I’ve studied Accounting and Finance in London many years ago.

This doesn’t makes me a financial advisor.

I am a crypto affiliate marketer and blockchain developer.

The last year I am in a company that is called WEWE Global.

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WEWE Global is an ecosystem for wealth creation.

It has very unique products and business opportunities for everyone.

GLOBAL-PRESENTATION-live-30032023-low-1Revolution in the world of money

We live in a revolution in the world of money.

We are living the fourth revolution in financial technology.

The first revolution was the agricultural revolution where man moved from the hunter stage to the labor economy in 10.000 B.C.

This revolution lasted more than 12.000 years.

Then we were in the Middle Ages until the Industrial Revolution started in 1760 in England.

Many countries have never been in this phase.

Industrial Revolution finished in 1990.

Then came the IT revolution that took place in 1990-2010.

2010 was the start of the financial technology revolution.

We are going through the crypto decade because we are experiencing the FinTech revolution.

Suddenly after the American banks bailout in 2008 we had the FinTech revolution.

Someone with the name Satoshi Nakamoto released for the first time a white paper that was the birth of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin  is a system of peer to peer transactions with money.

Bitcoin is money.

Today we are in the FinTech revolution, crypto and blockhains.

The potential of the crypto market is huge.

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There are 4 phases in the adoption of a new product or idea in the market.

We are on the stage of the early adopters.

I know that because I’ve studied Marketing apart from Accounting and Finance.

You don’t have to study Marketing to understand as a business owner or as a person who wants to start something on internet to make money.

Out of the 8 billion people on the planet only 400 million use some kind of cryptocurrency.

In some countries like South Korea 40 – 46% of the population owns crypto.

Because many huge exchanges are in South Korea.

In other countries like Greece or Romania or England the adoption rate is less than 5%.

Greece is at the bottom with about 1% of the population holding some cryptocurrency.

So the opportunity is huge to start a business or an affiliate marketing program in a market that is emerging instead of going to traditional business.

You don’t have many chances to expand there.

What is WEWE Global?

WEWE Global is a multi-service platform.

It is based on the DAO – Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

We are over 300.000 users in January 2023.

DAO is 100% legal in Wyoming, USA apart from the sole partnership  or the limited company.

You can register a DAO organization there.

It doesn’t belong to anyone.

No one has the 51%.

DAO is a voting system that everyone that takes a little bit of a service  takes a little bit of the voting power as well.

What does WEWE Global has inside?

You can access many many services.

WEWE Global is a multi-service platform.

There are external projects and companies  that are connected with the platform.

The platform technology provider is LYOPAY technology company with many services and companies.

LYOPAY has a huge ecosystem and it is independent company.

It has LYOTRADE which is an crypto exchange.

You can sign up to LYOPAY as a platform and LYOTRADE to make transactions with fiat money and crypto.

Also LYOPAY has the same crypto wallet where you can make transactions from Bitcoin to Euro etc.

It is 100% legal and there is 100% transparency.

LYOPAY is under compliance with the legislation of all countries in which it operates.

LYOPAY operates in compliance with diligent international standards for conducting its operations under the Anti Money Laundering Framework, and through its Know Your Customerand Digital Asset/Fiat Transaction Monitoring procedures.

It is licensed in Hong Kong, England, Ireland, Georgia.

The mission LYOPAY is to create a world where cryptocurrencies are the primary form of money like fiat money is right now.

The team behind LYOPAY is very transparent.

Everyone has a LinkedIn profile.

I will mention Luis Goes as the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

For example one of the team members, Baiba Broka was minister of justice in Latvia.

Also in July we will have an open exhibition in Dubai.

You can come to meet LYOPAY.

In Dubai there are the company’s headquarters.

Another company we work with is LFi.

It has the cryptocurrency LFi.

Another company we work with is Zenit which has a partnership with the Dubai government.

It has the cryptocurrency ZEN.

Protocol 33 is a technology incubator under the patronage of the office of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum.

As we say on crypto do your own research.

You have to keep your eyes open and your ears closed.

Don’t listen to what I am telling you.

It is better to do your own research.

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What are some of the main services of WEWE Global?


Cryptobulls is a trading company that provides trading signals.

You can buy them at a discount within the WEWE Global platform.

Trading is not for everyone.

Just showing you because some of you might be interested.


Another service is LAUNCHPAD that gives users the chance to buy tokens and take part in a crypto project before their official launch.

This is called Initial Crypto Offering and we have ZEN in this phase where you get it with some discount.


TRAVEL4YOU provides offers and discounts up to 70% on hotel booking.

You can learn more by joining WEWE Global.

Cloud minting program

The main program that we have is cloud minting program.

We have 3 minTing programs.

They are cloud minting, hardware minting and mobile minting.

Cloud minting is the only one that operates now.

Cloud minting is renting hardware that mines tokens.

LFi is the partner who provides the technology.

We rent hardware.

The algorithm that mints the token is energy saver and is working with computer and hard disks.

It is called proof of space algorithm.

When you rent a hardware with 1.000 euros you can take back 3.5 times your money in 42 – 44 months.

This is not an investment because I am not a financial advisor.

It is a rent.

You don’t take back your money.

You just rent the hardware in a data center.

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It is called cloud minting.

It is similar to cloud mining but this is production of a new coin.

Then you can take back 3.5 times your money.

Why would anyone access these services through WEWE Global?

First you pay and get paid with cryptocurrency.

Secondly ou get exclusive discounts as a member.

There is also affiliate marketing which for me is the best form of affiliate marketing worldwide.

WEWE Global has a unique affiliate marketing  program .

Everyone can rent hardware or buy a service.

For example, I buy a 1000 euros cloud minting package, I see that it works and I recommend it to friends.

The fourth reason is the education.

You head start with crypto before everyone else.

That is the best you can do because we are in the decade of crypto right now.

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You can build your independence and your independent business with LFi.

LFi is a huge ecosystem with 800 million token supply.

Minting dashboard

How can someone start with cloud minting?

You can register now on WEWE Global!

You sign a cloud minting agreement with LFi.

It is 100% legal for every use even for the IRS or the tax service.

For example, the last one I bought was 1000 euros and I will get 3.500 back in 42 – 44 months.

I can monitor my unit with this platform.

You can see what the IP address is, the serial number and whatever else is needed.

By pressing go to will take me to the company’s data center which is

You can see the IP address of the data center through APNIC which is a transparent service.

Everyone that Is a network expert understands that APNIC service never lies.

It is in the Seychelles due to the low cost there.

So if you would like to withdraw LFi you can press the withdraw button.

LFi is one to one with dollars.

With withdraw it will send my LFi to my wallet where I can swap it to Bitcoin and WEWEX.

WEWEX is one to one with Euro.

It is a stable token of the company and it is only for internal usage in the platform.

I can send Bitcoin to an exchange like Binance or LYOTRADE.

Also I can use it to rent another hardware unit.

We can buy cloud minting with Bitcoin.


There are programs from 500 euros to 100.000 euros.

There are activation fees 4.5% ie 22.5 euros.

It is 523 for the first package.

The program is called 3.5 minting unit because you take your money 3.5 times in 42 – 44 months.

With 1.000 euros you are taking back 3.500 euros.

You can see the invoice to my shop.

You can use it for the IRS as well.

If you want to buy ZEN before the official launch you will go to My shop and then  at the Products.

ZEN is currently priced at 1.90.

It will be released in 3.02 in May.

There are programs from 550 euros to 110.000 euros.

The €110.000 package will give us €100.000 travel vouchers, €100.000 in ZEN lauchpad tokens, 10% in LYO credit.

LYO credit is another crypto currency from LYOPAY.

You can find more information on CoinMarketCap.

LYO credit is in more than 9 exchanges.

LFi and ZEN will be in the same exchanges.

You can buy thw ZEN token right now with 1.90.

It will be released on market in 3.02 in May.

Global bonus plan

How can someone make more money apart from cloud minting?

You can become a digital entrepreneur!

You can start as a client and become Crown Ambassador.

We have a unique referral program here.

You can share your progress with your friends and collect rewards.

The referral program is one of the best in the world.

You can create your own team and grow your network.

You can achieve career ranks and qualifications.

Become a digital entrepreneur and create passive income.

This is the reason I am doing lives daily.


My calling is to visit every country in the world and have a business on every country on the Earth.

From any country you watch us and you want to join I will visit your country and help you grow your business together.

I want to give everyone the opportunity to create their own business.

It is a business for everyone no matter their race or sexual orientation.

To get started as an affiliate you will need to get a cloud minting program LFi or a multiservices box ZEN.

There are 17 ranks in the company.

The first important level is the Director 1 Star who needs a personal purchase of 300 euros, 3 customers on your first line who have taken 700 euros and 5,000 total team turnover in whatever depth.

In Europe the machine price is starting from 500 euros.

I am Ambassador 6 Stars with 18,000 personal purchase, 46 first level customers, 203,100 euro front line turnover and 688,600 total turnover.

I need a lit bit more than 300.000 euros in order to hit the Ambassador 7 Stars level.

This is also a documentation of my way from client to Crown Ambassador.

The direct bonus is very important.

As soon as you get a package of 1.000 euros and you refer someone and they also get the same package, you get 5% for every purchase made in your first level team.

You will immediately receive 50 euros in your wallet.

I joined WEWE Global on May 2022.

May 14th I registered and May 22nd I bought the first cloud minting package.

In 10 months approximately I hit the Ambassador 6 Stars level.

The biggest bonus is the infinity bonus.

It is a monthly bonus and pays the first week of the following month.

The company will give me 23% in every depth.

It pays 70% in Bitcoin and 30% in LFi and ZEN.

It is the biggest and most important bonus in the company.

Another bonus is Retreat.

When you reach Ambassador 6 Stars and above you get free company vacations and all-expenses paid training.

The last trip was to Thailand in January.

There is also a car bonus for Ambassadors 6 Stars and above.

You take 500 euros till you are Ambassadors 11 Stars and higher.

In this case you will get 1.500 euros in Bitcoin.

It is paid every 15th of the month.

You get paid 100% in Bitcoin.

The best time to start was yesterday.

The next best time is now!

When someone wants to get started right away the first thing they have to do is sign up.

Anyone who needs help can contact me at 6972364387 and email

You can find me in social media #divramis.

I’d like to build a huge global team.

I went to see Robert Kiyosaki  in Bucharest.

For that reason I stayed in the same hotel with him, in the JW Marriott in the family suite.

It cost me more than 500 euros per day to stay there.

It was 85 square meters.

I am going to attend a lot more seminars so we can meet in one of them around the world!

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The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial, legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.