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SEO expert witness

SEO expert witness


SEO Expert Witness

Get your company site on the top results of Google with quality SEO services and local SEO Witness! Our team at can provide with all kind of SEO services in Witness. Our search engine optimization expert stuff has the experience to consult businesses of all kinds, from the smallest to the biggest one. We are here to present you the benefits of our SEO marketing services.

Our SEO Experts team is going to discuss with every client, in order to get a familiarity with their business. We understand that marketing costs, so we proceed in making an individual plan of your business goals, in order to be able successfully and at the best market cost helping you achieve them. Most marketing companies has one type of service selling it to all of their customers. At, we surelly don’t do this.

We discuss with you what your needs are in order to provide you with the greatest return on investment with our services, whether it is through SEO or Digital Marketing. We strongly believe that our client’s needs come first.


Get on the 1st Page on Google with SEO Epert Witness!

Thinking about Google’s logic is talking about the algorithm itself. The one that takes the key phrases of a client and seek to display the type of content that is the nearest one to this search. If you want your company to be on the top in the first Google’s page, then you have the need of an Seo expert that will find the right keyword, that’s going to bring your page among them in the client searches.

About the different kind of attacs that an organization can take from competetors, we have the ability to bring them down. In our SEO Expert Witness team studies in computer science and also in marketing, can help in finding the way to bring you again in the top results, or just finding the evidence that you need to stand into a court.


Characteristics of an SEO Witness Expert

In order to find a qualified man in the field of this field of SEO Extert Witness, there are some characteristics to look for. These are:

  • The ammount of experience in Search engine optimization. The years in the field plays a critical role, as they bring the knownledge
  • A person that know the aspects of your subject
  • A professional that always keeps up with the Digital Marketing Industry ,as it is a fast changing indusrty
  • An agent that practise these SEO techniques as a full-time job
  • One that has write and published articles, so that you can read and evaluate them
  • An expert that has litigation Witness experience, or one that has recently been present in a trial as a witness

Internet and Trademark Infringement

Very often there is an arise in questions about trademark infringement and search results. These can include related to domain name violations and also the one’s in search results, in a both organic web page results and the online one’s. Google’s company has established a number of specific guidelines and policies for United States and the whole globe.

Any kind of violations, disputes and questions need to be addressed directly with the company using the form that they provide. At the same time, while these policies exist, oftentimes this is not enough to resolve disputes. So, litigation is required in order to resolve the dispute and going forward in awarding money.


Experience in SEO expert witness

Most of the legal cases involves many things over the classic search engine optimization. In fact, more than issues about internet marketing and websites. Some of these issued include are:

  • social media
  • domain names
  • website issues
  • website coding issues
  • online reputation management issues


Expertise in Social Media

We claim to be experts in the area of social media. Our company has a really energetic profil in mostly all of this type of platforms. Checking our utube channel you are gonna find many videos in English language, talking about the different aspects of SEO. That is our way to help you in your needs.

Also you can check our facebook, instagram and linkedin accounts for unique content. We are the right people when ot comes to litigation pending witnessing.

Expert Witness in Domain Name

We have the expertise needed in domain area to fully understand all of the potential issues involved with internet marketing and SEO. Our chief engineer has been in the domain name industry for a long time, so we can assure you for the best services that we can offer to you.

Witness in Online Reputation

We can help you in your online reputation management stuff. In case that negative things are written about your business, is a way of slowing it from reaching the top search results. In most cases these things are not true, but in every case you deserve to check it. We can help every laywer outside computer science to understant the online reputation mechanism. That way we can help you to stand in a court the way you should.


Litigation Support in Seo Expert Witnessing

Many companies around the world has been in situations of perpetrate trademark infringement. Maybe an individuale or even a pro team has committed defamation upon your companies character or even it’s reputation. Other situations can be the failure of the SEO company that you hired in bringing results when managing your account, or in even worst cases the one of a purposefully “Negative SEO”, in order to bring damages to your door.
In our company we have the ability and the know how to provide the right type of investigation, analysis and of course, expert witness testimony to these and any other SEO related issue. Search Engine Optimization or as it called usually “SEO”, is the combination of an ammount of practices done, in order to highly maximize our  website’s ability to rank in the top search results og Google or any other machine.
These is a technique done by using keywords and keyword phrases, the one’s that a consumers uses in his researching into thw web, when it comes into selecting products and services. This is a complicated procedure as Google and also, all of the other search engines employs over 200 signals to determining the page that should rank higher than the others for a given keyword query. As you can see, in SEO there is a big number of methods that can be used, when it comes in optimizing a webpage or website.
Those factors vary from the simple practice of finding the right keyword to include in the Title element of your webpage, to the creation of complex linking structures. Also:
  • the process of taxonomic development
  • the process of finessing the code on a webpages to include semantic markup
  •  the right changes in content management systems to transform or redirect the pages URL’s

The external optimizations of a website in SEO can include the work in obtaining valuable links to point at our website,. Also, the investion in resources as we want to build our company’s social media presence, in order to enhance SEO efforts.


Subjects of a SEO Expert Witness

An SEO expert Witness must be a man of technology, one that really knows the way internet and Google algorithm works. Having knownledge in search engine optimization methods, the  tactics and strategies inside and out. Also, he should have used the different search engine optimization, like the white-hat, the gray hat and even the black hat one’s.

There is the need of fully understanding of the concept of the web server technologies and beign able to explain all of the techniques that companies use to manipulate search results, the ins and outs of negative SEO sphere.

Also, there is a number of other related topics to know like the one’s of marketing and advertising, as our team has. Some other things that we include in our services are:

  • Trademark Infringement methods
  • Search Results techniques
  • Business Defamation
  • Corporation Damages

Many of the above aspects has play an important role in legal cases of many customers. We have the ability of finding the way to investigate them and bring you with the results that can prove your innocence, ore the one’s of being a fraud victim.


Ask For A Quote Today!

Having issues related with your organization website. You thing that an SEO agency fooled you and you don’t take the results that you pay for. Or just someone used black methods to bring you down from the top results of Google. Our experience can come to your hand to help you in every way! Ask for a quote today! Our team is going to study your needs and every other aspect of your case, in order to be able to bring you the result that you want and should have.


Experience as a SEO Expert Witness counts

A SEO Expert Witness must be a person that has experience in the industry. One that is:

  • effective
  • honest
  • authoritative

A search engine optimization pro in case of beign used as an independent SEO Expert Witness in courts about legal issues, should have actually practiced search marketing in all of it’s capacities. Our team consists of bright peoples with all of the above characteristics, being in the area of website development, SEO practices and marketing for over 20 years know.


Domain Name Expert Witness

In every case, a Witness in search engine optimization require to have a few special qualifications. At first, an Seo Expert Witness must have demonstrate it’s skills and technical knowledge, all of them at an high level of expertise. Secondly, there should be a combination of one or more characteristics, to be widely recognized by the community as an SEO Expert. A SEO Expert Witness should have the experience in policing domain names, as identifying every type of instances of typosquatting and cybersquatting.

Our stuff has the ability to built successful domain naming strategies. Our expertise in the field has educate as even better at knowing the effects of domain names on every search engine rankings, and assessed domain valuations. We can provide you with the best choise when it comes in purchasing a highly-desirable domains. We can demonstrate a porfolio with all of our work, to be able to see by yourself the results that we can bring to your company.

In our company, we have the depth in manners of experience and direct knowledge about the inner workings of the domain industry. Also the way to bring it in connection of websites, search engines and all of the other related to SEO technologies.

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