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In our ParaMarketing blog, we are writing useful SEO and internet marketing posts many times per week. We usually send two email per month and we never spam or trying to sell you something.

The purpose of our website and blog is to attract new customers, by providing the most usefull tips and tricks a new business owner or an old one needs in order to understand and make whatever need it to improve its position on Google.

We are not selling web hosting, or other affiliate things, we are just focusing on finding clients in the American market or in other english speaking markets and we believe that you need to know us first through blogging and posting and then try our SEO services.

Is email marketing a good SEO strategy?

According to other SEO community cirlces, the answer is yes. Newsletters and email marketing is a good tool for promoting your website, because it brings the potential customers back and educate them about you products and services.

There is no need to try to sell something, provided that you can share usefull information and experiences on your field. That means you are already an expert on what you are doing and your potential clients or potential customers are searching for your piece of advice now.

Stick to this simple advice l give you. You can duplicate our methods of success in almost any market or niche on the internet.

So do not forget to give your best email and confirm your subscription to our SEO newsletter and then start your learning journey!

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