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10 Things l Hate Most In Blogging


10 Things l Hate Most In Blogging

10 things l hate most in blogging and make me mad when l see them again and again in blogs, especially in blogs of network marketing or mlm guys that are in the pitchy phase of their business.

In a blog post l wrote last year called ” The Four Seasons Of Network Marketing  “, l analyze the four seasons of network marketing. Network marketing is not the main rule, you can be in every business and pass the same situation. The novice phase is where you are always prospecting like crazy and many will turn you down.

SEO is not so difficult as it seems to be, when you are targeting low competition keywords.

So what are the 10 things l hate most in blogging?

1. Being very pitchy with new super network marketing companies and hot offers!

Solution: Be genuine and be yourself, where is your personal branding strategy?

2. Overstuffed blogs with advertising, hot offer and every other distracting material.

3. No clear blog or site topic, the blogger covers too many irrelevant to each another topics.

4. Irrelevant keywords. For instance you are lloking for dog food and then you are being directed to an mlm opportunity!

5. Annoying pop-ups or videos autoplaying and annoying content in general.

6. Too many link baits or opt-in form options offering poor value.

7. Duplicate content or duplicate “unique” offers for things you never imagined they existed before.

8. Bad, poor design, old design or total lack of it. For instance the classic Craig’s List site. The design is old and very confusing to an inexperienced user.

9. Poor quality or bad quality content with bad language, bad thin videos and pointless PLR articles. Who is still using article spinners today? l found them disgusting and revolting.

10. The last but not least is when you are the same with crowd. You don’t have a recognisable brand and it is very difficult to distinct yourself from the thousands of blogs. Take care of your blog, because it is your most strong personal branding asset.

Don’t sell it low! Take advantage of it and keep it viral! Your blog need to have a personal touch of you, unless you are not a human being and you lack a personality.

The above were the 10 things l hate most in blogging. Actually there are a lot more l hate in blogging, but the above were the most revolting ones!

10 things l hate most in blogging – YouTube Video

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