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5 Things To Do Before Designing A Site On WordPress

5 Things To Do Before Designing A Site On WordPress

Using WordPress for designing your website is easy and efficient. Before you start wondering, why WordPress, do note that it is among the most popular platforms for website designs in the world. On the internet, thousands of new sites get registered each day. A good chunk of these sites utilizes WordPress platform.

There are several reasons for using this platform for basing your site. Here are some important points to look for before launching your site on WordPress platform.

Getting Started with WordPress


Before you start developing your site, you must read through terms and conditions and guidelines. WordPress is easy to use and has all the qualities that you might want to have on your website platform.

For example, it gives you speed, easy and fast browsing and the platform is light so it takes less time to load the homepage. Site hosting is equally comfortable compared to other website development platforms which make it the platform of choice for most developers around the world. All in all, choosing WordPress site for designing your website is a excellent idea. However, before proceeding with development, you must keep these factors in mind.

The Orientation

Before proceeding with developing a WordPress site, you must go through the Orientation on the platform. Here, you’ll find the officially shared resource under the title “Where to start.” This will help you get familiarize with what the platform is all about and how to make a website according to its guidelines.

The tutorial will help you lay a proper foundation for your WordPress site. This also includes going back and forth between directories and pages. Also, toggling through useful tutorials on the portal will increase your knowledge about the platform and understand the valuable pointers.

WordPress Themes

WordPress give web design developers a plethora of options to choose from as a topic. No matter how proficient you might on using WordPress, customizing themes on your own is always a right choice. For this purpose, WordPress site offers a theme repository that’ll help you choose the most appropriate theme for your site. It would be better to choose the underlying theme for yet to be developed a website. Essentially, this means that you’ll only be able to make necessary modifications on the page. However, you cannot change most of the features.

It ie better to choose a WordPress theme with a clean web design and clean code. The wordpress themes that l like more are the Genesis Themes from Studiopress.

Lookout For The User Feedback

The second step after choosing the original theme of your website checks the user feedback on each issue. Doing so will help you improve your site’s existing design. Depending on the user feedback on your site, you can even create an active program for your website. You can also create small panels for displaying vital data such as photos and tags.

You may do your own homework testing colours and designs or you can simply find a website that fits on your needs more and copying some of its design elements.

WordPress SEO & SEO Plugins

WordPress is tremendously popular, and the available data shows just that. For example, by 2016, it had approximately 47,000 plugins available for users. Plugins are handy tools that help maintain the uniqueness of your website. It’ll also give your website stable performance.

Similar to Plugins, WordPress SEO optimization also helps WordPress users a great deal. This is so because Google keeps a close watch at WordPress and other similar website development platforms. It keeps updating its index for these platforms by mentioning its dislikes and likes for that particular web page.

The besrt SEO plugins for WordPress are today:

  • Yoast SEO
  • Social Share Bar
  • Broken Link Checker
  • Page Tag Cloud

and many other.

 Security in WordPress sites

Hacking is at an all-time high these days, and no site seems spared. As such, you don’t need to have a big business or a well-known site to suffer such vulnerabilities. However, unlike some other platforms, WordPress offers more security to your website.

Thankfully, WordPress users have access to the WordPress community blog where matters of security are not only discussed, but appropriate solutions are also suggested. Upon visiting the security blog, you’ll come across quality tools, software and plugins that you can install on your website to keep it safe from threats and spoofs.

Also WordPress offers many Security and antispam plugins for free such as:

  • WordFence
  • Sucuri security
  • Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

I think that the security of a WordPress site is in a very good shape today and WordPress sites are considered to be very steady and hackerproof.

If You want to start a WordPress site today or a WordPress eshop, don’ hesitate to ask for a quote.

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