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Creating Adwords Remarketing Campaigns For Videos


Creating Adwords Remarketing Campaigns For Videos

Video content is now reducing in terms of popularity.

Everywhere we go on the web, video’s cross our paths and are becoming more of a commonplace than an attraction. Therefore, instead of producing an expensive brand awareness video, it is better to create a short remarketing video. This is a great technique to make your way into the world of bits because you can get higher conversion rates at an affordable cost. Furthermore, these remarketing videos do not necessarily have to be published on YouTube but can also be displayed on Google.

Google Ads is a complementary SEO campaign to bring more visitors from the paid funnel in stead of the organic traffic. Every savvy SEO Agency should use Google Ads apart from the organic Google campaings.

Link your Youtube account

To begin your AdWords remarketing campaign, your YouTube account needs to be linked to Google AdWords or Google Ads. You can do so by linking your YouTube channel to the Google AdWords account in YouTube. This way you can add more than one AdWords account which is helpful incase you have to repeat the process.

For you to create a successful video remarketing campaign, you will need a minimum of 100 users in your AdWords remarketing list. You could choose to use an existing list without having to create a new one every time.

If a present you do not have any videos ready for your remarketing campaign, here are some ideas for creating one. You could make a selfie video, a slideshow with voice overlay, animated videos or use GIFs. You need at least four to five videos to get started and once these are ready, you have to upload them to your YouTube channel.

As far as setup is concerned, video remarketing campaigns are the same as traditional video campaigns. Create a new campaign by signing into your AdWords account and clicking on the “all online campaigns link”. When you select the red “Campaign” button, a drop down menu will appear, from which you have to select “online video” as your campaign type. Give your campaign a name and set a daily budget for it. For a simpler setup, ignore the delivery methods temporarily.

Next, you could choose to show your videos on the Google display network or on YouTube search. In doing so, don’t forget to mention your targeted geographical location and a language. Language does not refer to the spoken language of viewers but the language but the language used by the browser when the viewer refers to your ad. Finally, insert the YouTube URL of the selected video and if you want to run mobile ads, then you have to select the optimized ad format. You can write your ad, preview it, save it, close it and add more later if required.

In publishing your video, you are asked to select your target audience. This is where your remarketing list comes in handy. For your remarketing campaign, the name of your targeting group could be the same as that of your remarketing list (this makes it easier for differentiation in the long run).

When inserting your maximum bid per view, it is advisable to start with the lowest amount recommended by AdWords. When you click on the “Narrow your targeting” button, you will be able to select your remarketing list as your target audience. This is your first video ad remarketing campaign! Statistics can be monitored from Google AdWords and from YouTube.

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