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Here are some friendly sites that are worth visiting:

The Internet is constantly enriching and upgrading its websites.

Through our page we try to highlight as many websites stand out for their design.

Magnetic design…

Those who want to build websites should learn the concept of good design and the use of new technology used. It is very important to upgrade the web site, which unfortunately still uses standard old technology templates, low aesthetics and quality.

The detail, design and code are what counts above all and is seen by Google’s pagerank algorithm, that is, the importance of a website.

Content that keeps you…

The best Greek websites stand out for their amazing website design, new techniques for user experience, their usability, new techniques, illustrator and Photoshop, the software architecture they use, but most importantly, the importance to detail that they give … their content.

Here are the basic principles for creating a successful website:

  • Make pages primarily for users, not for search engines
  • Do not mislead your users
  • Avoid tricks designed to improve search engine rankings
  • Ask yourself: “Did this help my users, would I write it or would
  • I put this if there was no search engine?”
  • Think about what makes your website unique, valuable or exciting and highlight it
  • Make your website stand out from others in the same area as yours

One also important point is to distinguish the purpose of the website.

Follow my advice:

  • Share information about a topic
  • Share personal or social information
  • Share photos, videos, or other forms of social media
  • Express your opinion or opinion
  • Have fun
  • Sell ​​products or services
  • Allow users to post questions to other users
  • Allow users to share files or download software

I know everyone has their own tactics, but I would like to hear from some of you how you approach quality content. Write me what you are looking for, what tools you use, or what process you follow to determine the quality of the content. on your web pages.

Coming soon with even more fresh content from the Greek Internet to enrich our USEFUL WEBSITES column.

If you believe that your website has the right design and content and is worth going to the USEFUL WEBSITES list of our site, please contact us!

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See more friendly websites:

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