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How to raise organic traffic and generate millions of visitors

How to raise organic traffic and generate millions of visitors

What Google Wants

  • Google (Alphabet) wants people to use its search engine (since 90% of its revenue comes from advertising, with the majority of that money coming from Google Ads fka Google Adwords)

Shocking 😉

In order for people to actually use Google’s search engine, they need to feel like the top search results are answering their questions

(In fact, if you look at any modifications that Google has made to the search results page over the past couple of years, they have been with the purpose of getting the user those results FASTER and getting them more PRECISELY)

From a business perspective, it is a risk for Google to let any old website show up at the top of the search results page.

Because if they have some poor sites on there, users could theoretically move off of Google and to something like Bing or DuckDuckGo (we can laugh, but Bing has actually increased its marketshare by 30% in the last year)

At the very top of the search results, where there are lots of clicks (“votes”) user experience is used as a ranking factor. If people continually return to Google ten seconds after landing on your website, click on another result, and then never return to Google, it is reasonable to conclude that your page did not provide the answer to the search query.

If you start to look from this angle, now all of the sudden “making quality content”, “loading your page quickly”, and “creating a quality user experience” start to make a bit more sense.

Even though it’s flashy to speak about user experience, that’s still not what will generate millions of organic visitors each month.

Website Trust and Third Party Endorsements Lead to Rises in the Search Results

At the most basic level, Google TRUSTS the top search results.

The more often Google puts a website at the top of the search results, the greater the level of trust from Google.

A website appearing at the top of Google has already earned that trust.

How did they do that?

Through links from other websites.

When the internet first started and Google’s founders issued their Stanford Thesis, the web relied on links as endorsement signals.

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