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Keyword Research and Identification

Keyword Research

Keyword Research and Identification

Keyword research analysis identifies the best search phrases and/or keywords for effective website search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns. Keyword research is the foundation of all successful search engine marketing programmes.

SEO Keyword Research Services:

  • Identifying and researching effective search phrases and/or search keywords used by clients’ potential customers
  • Developing and researching additional keywords based upon the clients’ industry and specific traffic requirements
  • Determining the most popular keywords and using them as the core targets for clients’ SEO and/or PPC programmes

Some keyword phrases are highly competitive while others might be infrequently used in searches. SEO keyword research helps you to target the most effective keywords for your website. A general principle in keyword research is those keywords which are most widely searched are also the most competitive. SEO Paramarketing provides effective keyword combinations used by searchers that lead to higher conversion rates for clients’ website.

Keyword research is the process were we use the keyword effectiveness index tool (KEI) to measure how effective a keyword is for a website. The keyword effectiveness index compares how many times a keyword is searched for in search engines with the number of competing webpages for that keyword.

Then we can find the best and easiest money keywords to rank for.

SEO Vantage employs professional SEO copywriters who are experts in professional keyword research and creative writing. They are required to evaluate the following aspects for all campaigns:

  • Keyword appropriateness and relevance: It is important that the targeted keywords & key-phrases are appropriate and relevant to the website and its products /services. When carrying out keyword research we will work with the client to ensure that the selected keywords reflect clients’ target market to generate focused traffic.
  • Keyword frequency: The most commonly searched phrases are those that will drive the most traffic to clients’ websites. A proven strategy is essential since search engines actively discourage the practice of keyword manipulation. Our professional SEO copywriting team will identify relevant keywords which have a high search rate while ensuring the accurate use of keywords.
  • Keyword value: The keywords used must add value to the website. By identifying the most significant keywords through professional keyword research, we ensure that those targeted will produce the best results.
  • Keyword competitiveness: The level of competitiveness is the key factor in achieving a top position on search engine results pages. Sometimes it is better to target less competitive phrases to produce a better return on investment.

As a SEO Market Leader, SEO Paramarketing is in the unique position to evaluate and implement SEO campaigns to best suit your requirements. For further information, please contact us.

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