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On-Page SEO Optimisation

On-Page SEO Optimisation-1

On-Page SEO Optimisation

On-page optimisation is an incredibly valuable yet often overlooked activity for successful SEO. Our in-house Technical Team will take an in-depth look at your site, identify any areas which are not ‘SEO friendly’ and provide a detailed technical report explaining exactly what on-page changes are required to influence better rankings.

SEO Optimisation Includes:

  • Developments of website code and structure
  • Improvements in navigation and internal linking
  • Optimising calls-to-action on pages
  • Improved use of target key phrases on the site
  • Optimised homepage content to reflect better keyword density

On Page SEO

On page SEO is the process by which multiple factors of an individual webpage are enhanced to positively affect its listing in the organic search results. These on page optimisation factors are influenced by the content and the coding structure on a webpage. Examples of on page SEO optimisation include actual HTML code, meta tags, keyword placement and keyword density.

On page optimisation is achieved by altering a number of factors contained within a web page to improve its position in the search engine results pages. By carrying out a professional on page optimisation campaign, clients will see an increase in search engine rankings and a more user friendly website.

However, SEO optimisation alone will not guarantee a website a high position in search engines. But when integrated with other search engine optimisation tools “in particular link building” it will increase the effectiveness and a much improved search engine position.

SEO Paramarketing on page SEO team realize that it is vital that clients’ website is as search engine friendly as possible and built to be fully optimised using targeted key phrases.

Our on page optimisation team will construct/re-develop webpages that best suits both users and search engine crawlers. Our tried and tested on page optimisation techniques will maximise the potential of a website.

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