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What we do?

Hello, my name is Yannis Divramis and l am a SEO specialist, SEO consultant and internet marketeer. It sounds like a three to one all the above, but l am working on website design, website promotion and online marketing since 2000.

l had made my first website in 1998 and many years later and quite a hundrend more websites down the road, l still love doing this job, making websites that rank in Google and bring results to their owners. Whether you are a big business or a small shop, me and my time can provide you instant solutions for your company website, branding, digital marketing, Search engine optimization or SEO and a lot more.

We chose SEO as a business model, because SEO is hard and not easy to do. The barriers of entry in the search engine market are high and it takes time to see results. However, the organic traffic is the most precius and most convertible traffic among all of kinds of traffic you can raise for your online business.

SEO and SEO services is something l love to do all these years and we are delivering results every month for many clients of ours.


What you can take from our website?

If you take only one thing away from our website, to improve your wesbite performance in terms of SEO, lead generation, marketing, and conversion rate dramatically.

We love helping other business grow and we like to have long term partnerships.

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We usually sent one or two email per month that have paidagogic character. We do not promote third services or parties apart from ourselves and our SEO blog.

What industries we serve?

We usually serve any industry in the market. Every website and company today needs a profitable website and a website that brings results. Currently, ParaMarketing’s clients come from almost every B2C service industry, such as from retail products, eshops, and from every geographical location around the world. We have clients from London, UK to Brisbaine Australia and a bigger presence in the Greek and European Market due to my Greek origin.

Any industry in where you are there is no problem for us to adjust and perform and give you the best SEO results for you and your website. We have built many websites and eshops today from cosmetics, to shoes or bio products and healthy foods.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to help the average website owner increase their income through Internet. Expecially in SEO and Search marketing where the competition is harsh and Google Updates makes the game more and more complicated.

How to use SEO for business?

The primary goal of SEO for businesses is to drive targeted traffic to a client’s website to build their business. Many businesses develop extensive peer networks which they use to or test new business products or services and can identify the needs of their target market. With the advent of social web, many new avenues have opened for small and medium sized businesses to enter in direct competition with some of the largest corporations in the world. With expert advice and creativity, SEO can make a positive contribution to achieve business success.

As a leading SEO Company, SEO Paramarketing is in the unique position to evaluate and implement a campaign to best suit your requirements. For further information, please contact us. For a free SEO Company analysis on your website.

Where are we located?

We are providing SEO services on an international basis. Our main offices are located in Athens, Greece and as many SEOs do, we are a digital nomad firm, offering attractive prices and services in their clients.

Working in a remote environment today is not a problem, you can pick up the phone and call us almost any time you want, usually within the business hours. We are real people and real persons who do a real job in this world.

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