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What to look for in a potential SEO company?


What to look for in a potential SEO company?

Are you looking to hire a good SEO company with transparent and clear SEO techniques? Read more now!

  • Do they guarantee a number one position in Google?

No one can guarantee the number one position in Google. There are hundreds of elements that contribute to successful ranking of a website. Search engines, including Google, DO NOT disclose their algorithm criteria preventing manipulation.

  • Do they follow SEO best practices?

A good SEO company should be able to provide you with a sound understanding of SEO best practices and resources that allow clients to evaluate their work.

  • Do they engage in link exchange?

Link exchange is a potentially harmful practice unless undertaken professionally and ethically. It can prove to be extremely productive if done correctly. Can your SEO explain what is meant by link exchange? Do they engage in it and if so, do they participate in auto submitting? If they do, it’s time for you to run a mile!

  • How do they spend your money?

Read the fine print to see whether your SEO ensures the top positions in search engines through a combination of PPC and organic results. Remember, organic SEO is difficult and time consuming requiring a lot of resources whereas PPC can be done and managed by almost anyone who knows their way around the internet.

  • What are their most important SEO techniques?

A Search Engine Optimiser should not be shy about the techniques they use. After all, almost all the SEOs are self taught and almost all the study material is available online. Ask your SEO about their top five SEO techniques. You have a right to know about it.

  • Most importantly, look for the truth, facts, and details

Your SEO should be able to explain things to you in terms that you can understand. But please be warned that it may take time because SEO cannot be explained in 20 seconds or under.

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How to use SEO for Business

The primary goal of SEO for businesses is to drive targeted traffic to a client’s website to build their business. Many businesses develop extensive peer networks which they use to or test new business products or services and can identify the needs of their target market.

With the advent of social web, many new avenues have opened for small and medium sized businesses to enter in direct competition with some of the largest corporations in the world. With expert advice and creativity, SEO can make a positive contribution to achieve business success.

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