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Why you need an email list with autoresponders?

Why you need an email list with autoresponders?

Statistics show us that whenever a new visitor comes to your business’ website or blog, the 50% will only visit once and never return. The 50% that will never return is called bounce rate. The less is the bounce rate of your website the best for you, but it doesn’t mean that a high bounce rate is always bd, especially now in the days of google penguin.

This form of revenue loss is often called traffic leak, and can be the biggest missed opportunity for your business to reach out to these visitors long after they have forgotten about your site. Fortunately for you, this problem does not have to be nearly as bad as it most likely is currently.

By building an mailing mailing list that includes the email addresses of your visitors, you are able to keep in touch, share promotions and offers and build a reputation.

Statistics has also sawn the 80% of customers are making a buying decision between the 6th and 10th visit in our site.  The use of an autoresponder that has at least 15 follow up emails to remind your customers to buy or to join your business is essential for the survival of your online business.


Are mailing lists and aurtoresponders so important?

Yes, and here is why:

1. Expand Your Customer Base

Building a business mailing list is vital for repeat business, as well as attracting one-time visitors back to your site for a closer inspection of your products and services. Many sites make it required that visitors provide an email or sign up for a user account  in order to view their products or to view the prices.

Keeping a balance between accessibility for the user and conversions for your business is key. A good conversion rate is about 10% or more. Good quality traffic converts more than 50%. Once you have a visitor’s email, you have a chance of attracting them back to your site with each successive email you send to them and make a sell.

2.  Build Personal Branding

It is no secret that the more times someone sees your offering, the more likely they are to engage in a consumer action. We all are being bombarded daily by thousands of  emails that may not be relevant to us. This means that your mailing list has a much larger impact than just the people on your list because gives you more exposure and builds your personal branding.

3. Expand Your Revenue

As briefly mentioned before, you have an increased opportunity of a sale with each business email that you send to the individuals on your mailing list. Impressions count, but the content of each email matters, too.

You should never abuse the power of having a visitor’s email address to send them useless or poorly written emails. By keeping the quality of your mailings at the highest level possible, you will have a better overall response rate from each email you send. A good advice for the beginners is to use personalized swipe copy emails and to offer them value or something for free.


Mailing Lists and Autoresponders tips

Any business email should be professional and to the point. If there is a promotion that you would like to advertise, make sure to feature it in clear images  and do not try to cram too much into one email solely for the sake of feeling accomplished. The longer the email, the less likely someone will read it in its entirety.

A pop up window with a no brain free offering is a must for list building, but it should not be abusing or disturbing for the new user. Bear in mind that email timing is of great importance. We should not send emails on weekends, who are going to read them, and on the night. Think that in the morning the mailbox would be staffed with other later emails and yours will hit bottom.

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