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How to rank you site on Google – A Starter’s Guide

How to rank you site on Google – A Starter’s Guide

When you have just built your new website or you are about to built a new website, there are some small secrets or small steps you need to do in order to make money from this.

Below, l suggest 6 simple small steps you have to follow if you want to succed online and avoid the mistakes every beginner does.

1. Keyword Research and Keyword Difficulty

At first, we have to deal with picking the right keywords or the right money keywords for your website.

By focusing on the right keywords, you can dramatically increase your conversions and turn your website into highly lucrative money making machine. The money keywords are the commercial intent keywords, the high profit keywords, or the buyer intent keywords.

We just call them money keywords and you have to find them before you start anything online.

The major problem in picking the right money keywords for you is the Keyword Competition. We have 6 keywords groups depending on their difficulty:

  • Super Easy Keyword Difficulty: Top 10 Results have no On – Page Optimization for the KW and are not strong domains.
  • Easy Keyword Difficulty: Top 10 have a couple On – Page Optimization for the KW but they are not authority sites.
  • Relatively Easy Keyword Difficulty: Top ten are all Optimized for the KW but no authority sites.
  • Medium Keyword Difficulty: Top 10 has full On – Page Optimization and one or two Authority Sites.
  • Hard Keyword Difficulty: Top 10 has more than three Authority Sites Optimized or three sites with an excellent backlink profile.
  • Very Hard Keyword Difficulty: Top Ten has Six or More Authority or Strong Backlink Profile Domains.

So to wrap up, when you are not making any money then possibly the reasons are:

  • You have chosen keywords you will never rank due to high competition
  • You are picking keywordss with no search volume or very low search volume, lower than 3.000 searches per month
  • You had picked the wrong keywords or the keywords you had chosen are not money keywords.
  • All of the above.

You need to do the keyword research right and the most useful online tool for this is Google Keyword Planner.

Every business or market has its own money keywords and you have to spot them by your own.

2. Buffer sites or Web 2.0 properties

With every project I start in SEO and I want to rank a webisite or an eshop, I build a few Web 2.0 s right away with a single filler article and I let them age. It does depend on keyword competition to some extent. For a super easy keyword I will build 10 2.0 s and let them start aging. For a higher competition keyword I build at least 20.

A Web 2.0 is a blog site. Blogger, WordPress, Tumbler, ect. You want to build your 2.0 s as Do – Follow links. You can get No – Follow in a far easier way and I prefer to work with as much efficacy as possible.

After a few weeks, I add an article with a link. The article on your 2.0 s can be all the same exact article if you want to save money. Take your article, manually edit the copy for as many 2.0 s as you have. Then put it through a spinner. Once it is spun, re – read it and edit out mistakes. Now you have as many unique articles as you need. Do not complicate things here. Make it unique manually, make sure it can be read and it will stick.

Depending on your keyword selection depends what anchor you use for the 2.0. If you pick easy competition keywords, you will not need stronger links like SAPE/ PBN/ Guest Posts. Do not complicate things. If your keyword is easy, the 2.0 s should have mostly exact anchor match. The 2.0 s adds authority to your site and will be your ‘power’ links. For higher competition, 2.0 s will just be for authority.

These 2.0 s will become pumper sites in a later step, but you should build them first and let them age.

3: Built backlinks that have diversity and steady velocity

After finishing the bulding of the Web 2.0 sites, we want a steady velocity of link building and link building diversity. We need to build backlinks every week and not once a month.

There are many automated tools than can help you build some backlinks like GSA Software or others. Actually the best way to start building backlinks, is to make some by your own, manual backlinks are the best and they are passing naturaly link juice for your website in order to rank.

Preferably, we can start building the following type of backlinks:

  • Social Bookmarks
  • Social Network
  • Article Submission
  • Blog Comments

Plus some social signals, especially from Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. If you find this job difficult, and in reality, link building is a huge task, you can ask for the help of some SEO experts or a SEO company.

4: Make backlinks to your Web 2.0 sites

A pumper site or buffer site is a Web 2.0 made to pass link juice to your money site. That is the main reason that your Web 2.0s should be at least 80% dofollow. The optimum is to be 100% but this cannot be a realistic scenario, as soon as natural link building includes both dofollow and nofollow backlinks.

Some SEO experts believe that no follow backlinks are taken also into consideration from the search engines and Google and they are a ranking factor among the others.

Contextual links is a must and they are the best of backlinks you can build. Contextual means Article Submissions, other Web 2.0s, and Micro Blogs. Contextual will help you rank longer than Spam backlinks and rank for the long run.

Our first goal is to built 500 Contextual links to each 2.0 in a period of one to three months. So start slowly and then open the throttle and make more and more backlinks every month till month 3.

5: Create manual profiles and 301 Shorteners

Things like a URL Shortener can be considered as Black Hat SEO, but thery are not. They work and they are cheap and easy to create.

The manual profiles is a handy process that takes time and can be helpful if you want to built your online presence on the tons of social media and social sites. Also is a good opportunity to raise customer awareness for your brand or personal brand. Please try to make the profiles real and personal.

6: Posts in Public or Private Blog Networks

Some guest posting in Public Blog Networks, News sites or in Private Blog Networks are a must. You need link diversity and posting in some PBNs is a good idea.

Do not feel guilty if Google is against PBNs and some PBN backlinks does not mean that you will get punished or that they will harm you site or rankings.

But before making some posts on PBNs,  I will suggest you build another set of Web 2.0s and repeat the above Web 2.0 cycle at least one or two times before starting posting on PBNs.

Some keywords have a bit more keyword difficulty than we first imagened and they need more work in order to rank higher.

The next piece of advice is to build your own PBN – you orn Private Blog Network. With your own PBN you can have total control of your posts and you can also reduce the cost of posting to public PBNs or other public news sites.

Also you need and some posts to other Public or Private Blog Networks or exchange posts with them.

When you finish the sixth step, then you need to start over again thew process from step one or step two, monitor, evaluate and repeat till you rank on the first page of Google.

Need help in ranking your website? Ask for a quote today.

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