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Link earning Vs Link building: What will survive?


Link earning Vs Link building: What will survive?

The future of link building as a SEO practice in every professional SEO Agency is bleak. It’s pretty much like the question of technology and the natural environment. What is best for man? Are the technological advancements making the world a better place for man? Or is man simply drifting away from the ideal arms of nature? With many domains competing for the top ranks, the link building process has become a competition.

The SEO link building rat race is a never ending with its constant attempt to optimize businesses, but where is this really leading?

The natural and the original purpose of a search engine were to meet the web users’ requirements.

It’s true the conflict between the digital and human cognition is a difficult problem to narrow down, but link earning by all means was closer to the ground. The link building processes on the other hand, took the whole optimization process into an aberrant culture and lead to open competition. The search engines naturally wanted to reverse the situation, because for them the main focus was to give their best for the surfers. They needed the whole process to be organic to match the human condition.

Google fight link building but encourages link earning

In the olden days before the days of the Penguins and Pandas, ranking was more less a fully quantitative approach, webmasters thought creating tons of backlinks was the perfect solution there could be, and they were not very wrong, it actually worked.


Now the same angel has become the devil. The trend now is moving more towards link earning simply because the whole process is getting more semantically closer to quality. The natures of these approaches can be compared to the contrast between a man and a gentleman. Link earning is a gentleman that earns with quality.

Link earning is all about finding relevant traffic, the reason why search engines prefer this is because logically the traffic from relevant sites bring people that are actually capable of converting or doing something productive on the site.

The only approach to link earning is quality content. If you have content that people would be really willing to share, would like to embed or would write about in their own blogs, then you’ve earned it! There were practices where people built up their own private networks to farm links. The new way to do this is by creating social networks. Having social presence in your website can earn you a lot of organic attention.

It is however wrong to assume that link building has completely lost its weight in the current ranking algorithms, but it also should be understood that the future plan of Google is to put a full stop to link building and renew and promote the practice of link earning.

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