Rules of Social Media Engagement

According to the result of a survey, 78% of its respondents stated that engagement is an extremely important factor for successful social media marketing. All those companies promoting their business and their websites through social media have very similar objectives. Building social media connections, making conversations easier and giving your audience a positive response are some of the most important objectives of social media marketing.

It would definitely be great if there was a set of guidelines published to inform social media marketers exactly what to publish when and where. Unfortunately, because social media involves humans, unpredictability comes in and therefore such guidelines cannot exist. There are however, a few set of principles or rules that you can follow in terms of social media engagement.

Understand your target market

Understanding how your target market will engage with you on social networks will help you write better content for them.

Each organization has its own things to write about and its own audience to write for; hence the content for each organization will vary. Look back over the last few months of social interaction to find out what sort of posts attract your audience. Take into consideration major statistics and keep a record of posts that have brought in extra ordinary interaction from your audience.

If you are finding it difficult to come up with interaction themes for your audience, take a peek at you competitor’s networks and see how they do it. Moreover, remember to be consistent with your posts. If you are known as an organisation that shares exceptional advice on finance, keep up with that line of posts. Don’t keep repeating your posts, add in a few new things here and there but make sure your overall theme is the same. On a different note, word selection with social media content can create a significant impact on your level of engagement.

There are some words, such as please, media, post, check out and how to, that are scientifically proven as effective content for engaging followers on social media networks.

Along with posting content that is most preferred by your audience, there are many other strategies you could use to ensure that your audience engages in your conversations. A simple way to increase engagement is writing something like “we would love to have your feedback” at the end of your post. As simple as this may sound, studies show that this technique really does work. Furthermore, you could highlight your audience with social media writing.

For example, make those who have replied to your posts the centre of attention and create another blog based on a conversation you’ve had on a previous blog. When others read these conversations and see that you are giving the spotlight to your own followers, you get an impression that you are fostering a community; one that they would like to engage with.

Requesting engagement and customer feedback will encourage more followers to engage with your brand and your engagement numbers will gradually increase with time. Successful social media writing requires time, practice and repeated evaluation. With these few principles in mind, dig into your current social media status to note down topics, writing style and specific words which will help better social media engagement for your organization.

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