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What is affiliate marketing and how to make money with it


What is affiliate marketing and how to make money with it

The term Affiliate marketing refers to the use of a website that sells products or services from other websites that are called affiliates or partners to help promote products.

Another name which is widespread is online marketing or performance parketing. Essentially, the performance marketing is a marketing method where other partner websites selling goods or services you provide.

The affiliate marketing is an activity which can deal with it even one doesn’t already have a website or their own product.

In Greece, a company that deals with this is Linkwise where you can make your advertising and promote the website you have, but whether as an advertiser to promote other products.

Affiliate marketing kai SEO

An SEO strategy is the launch of a product through Affiliate Marketing. If you are the producer of the product that you want to advertise then you should already be an affiliate website where your partners will send links.

So, many partners can advertise daily your products on the Internet. In this way, you create backlinks which will show on your own website and in time you will join in the Google rankings!

As an advertiser, you are entering into a commercial agreement to promote your products through an affiliate network versus a percentage.

Affiliate marketing company undertakes to manage your partners, the collection and the payment of remuneration of affiliate network. You have to give a certain percentage of sales through customer recommendations of affiliate network marketing.

With the affiliate marleting will see two advantages along the way. Initially, you’ll see the sales to rise rapidly and then appear in good ranking in Google’s search engine. What happens after you increase the visits from the networks that are referall SEO factor.

What you need to succeed in Affiliate Marketing

To start your affiliate marketing need some specific things that you will read below.

  • Built a Website on WordPress
  • An account in Linkwise or other affiliate marketing companies
  • A page on Facebook
  • Twitter account
  • Google account Plus
  • The appropriate applications and Add-ons for WordPress

It is known that Google considers the social media key component for SEO and should follow social media SEO strategies to climb Google’s search engine!

Reasons to start your Affiliate Marketing

Linkwise doesn’t require chapter to start with affiliate marketing. Another solution for affiliate marketing is the company Clickbanner.

At the same time, it’s a way to include more offers for customers, and offer them more choices. It would be good to know that you don’t need to get involved with the production and storage of products. Basically, what is needed is to develop relationships with your customers.

What favors Affiliate Marketing?

Linkwise advertises products from many disciplines. However, the sectors that have more development is:

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