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Make Money On The Internet

Make Money On The Internet From Your Own Site

A step by step guide to start and make money from a profitable blog

Thousands of people are in the money race and join the Internet in search of a small part time income or a full time business. Although all of them have the same goals and same intentions, only the 3% will finally make some money and only the 3 out of the thousand will make significant money from the Internet.

How You Can Start To Make Money On The Internet

About Me

Welcome to the Make Money From The Internet guide to set up a profitable blog.This page is pillar point to assist you in:

  1. Spot the most relevant and valuable resources included within this blog
  2. Provide a walk through guide about how to start your own blog and make money on the Internet and
  3. Give you 8 action steps to take to deliver real results

To read more about me, please go to the About Me page to learn more about my story and how l made my first money on the Internet back in 2000.

Also you can contact me.

I recommend you bookmark this page as it will take some time to work through it all.

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Step 1 Set Up A Hosting Account And A Newsletter

You Need A Blog To Make Money

You Need An Email List

Step one before starting to make money with your Internet business blog is for you to set up a blog or a website.To do this you need a domain name and a hosting account where you publish your website. You can  take advantage of the Godaddy 2,95dollars deal, which includes a free domain name. You can sign up by clicking the banner below right now Along with a blog, you need to start your email newsletter from day one as well. If content is the king, the money in on the list. Your newsletter is the key to making longterm money on the Internet, so the sooner you start, the better. If only l had used AWeber from the first day l started on the Internet .Sign up for an AWeber trial only for 1USD by clicking the banner below


Step 2 What You Are Going To Learn On How To Make Money

Make Money On The Internet

 Make Money In 8 Steps 

What you are going to learn

On this 8 step Internet course you are going to learn:

  • Find out where there is a need or a gap in the market and learn how people currently search on the internet for ways to cover  that need.
  • Build a blog that has relevant content that helps people to meet that need or gap.
  • Drive traffic to your blog and convert a percentage of those visitors to join your email list.
  • Start to make money from the audience you build using affiliate marketing, network marketing and selling your own products.
  • Optimize the entire marketing process so you don’t have to work long hours to keep your money making blog going.

In order to achieve these goals I will teach you 8 basic steps, which must be completed one by one. These 8 steps to make money from your blog are:

  • Step 1 Set Up A Hosting Account And Set Up Your Newsletter
  • Step 2 What You Are Going To Learn On How To Make Money
  • Step 3 Choose A Topic And Set Up Your Website
  • Step 4Create Compelling Content For Your Niche
  • Step 5 Drive Traffic To Your Blog
  • Step 6 Test And Combine Different Money Making Methods
  • Step 7 Optimize And Automate Your Internet Business
  • Step 8 Internet Business and Personal Development Tools


While it only takes a few moments to read the above lists, the actual process to successfully complete each step can take weeks, months, and even years.

To keep you on track I’ve included a time estimation to complete each step. Take your time as successful completion of each step is dependent on whether you did the work in the previous step. For example, there is no point trying to make money from your website Step 7 if you don’t have any traffic that is the Step 5.

Focus on your blog

The core focus of you is how to make money with a blog, in particular one blog that you focus 100% of your energy on until it makes money, or you decide it’s not going to work. I recommend you focus for at least six months, to even a year, before deciding to move on to another project, and only if your current project is not showing any signs of success.

It doesn’t matter if you use a blog or not, these core ideas on making money on the Internet are relevant if you plan to have a website that makes money. However we focus on how to profit from a blog, what you are about to learn are Internet marketing fundamentals, SEO Principles and WordPress that can be applied to almost all forms of Internet business or blogs.

You can notice that throughout this Make Money On the Internet Guide l give you several resources, articles and video mainly plus your free membership on my Make Money List. The purpose of the resources is to assist you in digging deeper into a topic and acquiring a deeper knowledge of the Internet marketing process

If you focus on studying the resources and taking the action steps I give you as you move through this guide, you will learn a tremendous amount about how to make money from the Internet. You can live in the Internet Lifestyle forever!

  • Step 1 Set Up A Hosting Account And Set Up Your Newsletter
  • Step 2 What You Are Going To Learn On How To Make Money
  • Step 3 Choose A Niche And Set Up Your Website
  • Step 4Create Compelling Content For Your Niche
  • Step 5 Drive Traffic To Your Blog
  • Step 6 Test And Combine Different Money Making Methods
  • Step 7 Optimize And Automate Your Internet Business
  • Step 8 Internet Business and Personal Development Tools


Step 3 Choose A Market Niche And Set Up Your Blog


Market Niche And Money Blog

Step 3 Summary

The basic concept of Internet Marketing is the same with Marketing in general. You need to cover a need that is a demand on the Internet. Your challenge is to identify a need with sufficient demand and then develop a product or service to help people who have that need. If you conceive this wrong, you could end up building a website with no visitors, or you might have visitors, but they don’t spend any money, so it becomes very hard for you to make money.The need can be covered by a valuable product or service. You will read in this guide the word product many times. By saying product we don’t mean a physical product but a product or service.

  • If you already have a business and a product that can be sold from the Internet, then the only thing you have to do is to apply the steps on your business directly.
  • If you already have a blog or e-shop and you are not seeing any results, consider remaking your blog from scratch and follow the steps covering in this guide.
  • Finally if you don’t have a business or product that you cannot sell on the Internet, then you can simply make a promotional or Personal Branding blog.
  • The other choice you have is to set up a new blog and cover a new need in the market through the Internet. Be careful to pick up a product or service that can be sold from the Internet.

When choosing a market niche for your blog you are attempting to combine different traits:

  1. What you personally know to do well and feel confident you could help people with
  2. What you love to do most and are motivated to do every day
  3. What the market really want or need and will spend money on

The whole process is not an easy decision and requires you consider both yourself and the people you want to help. You don’t have to guess what people want, there are plenty of research tools and techniques you can use to figure out what people currently spend money on the Internet. I will show you some of these tools in the resources section of step three. The other Steps include their own resources section respectively.

Analyzing Traffic

The process is simple, you need to start with Internet market research in order to decide where the traffic comes from and where the traffic goes. Traffic translates into money when you have a compelling website and the product or service you sell is right.

Your primary goal is to find out where the traffic currently goes. You need to make a keyword analysis. What search keywords people use to find websites and what keeps them coming back for more. Then set up a blog that is positioned to capture some of that traffic. However before you can build a blog or even choose a domain name for your blog, you need to have a solid understanding of how people go about looking for answers to their questions, so you can make sure your website comes up as the top answer, and hence you get the traffic.

Blogs are better for SEO

The reason l use the word blog instead of website or site is that we are going to build a blog. Blogs are powerful have embedded all the SEO features someone needs and are very easy to use. A WordPress blog can be live on the Internet in 24 hours or less!

Further Studying Resources In This Guide

As you will notice l give you further study resources for every step. After studying the basic step information, you can go to the resources and study separately for every step the different resources you need to combine. After completing one step, you need to take some action. For that reason l provide you the action checklist to check your progress. Each is also accompanied with a video or a pdf.


  • Estimated Time: 1 Week
  • Outcomes: Topic selected, domain name and website set up
  • Costs:
    • Approx $60/year domain name and hosting from Godaddy,
    • outsourcing your blog design to us

 Blog Hosting

Grow Your Email List


Study Resources Step 3: Niche Selection

  • Finding what does your market want This post reveals the first step of human psychology about how people are searching on the Internet in order to find what they want to buy and how you can spot new opportunities in the market.
  •  How To Find Perfect Niche For Your Blog
    In this special audio presentation  from the premium version of Become A Blogger, two successful bloggers reveal how bloggers can go about finding a profitable topic.
  • Online Or Offline Business?
  • 25 Ideas To Make Money On The Internet!
  • How To Start Your Internet Business Blog Today


Extra Study: Niche Selection

Tools and Software


  • Google Keyword Research
    Google’s keyword planner is free and will give you plenty of data from Google’s servers on how many people are searching using keyword phrases, both locally and globally. Although it is free, it contains more than enough data to get you started.


Domain Name And Hosting Resources

After finishing with the niche market selection, you need to buy a domain name and hosting and set up a WordPress blog. Then you need to deliver super content and drive some targeted traffic.

You will need:

  1. A good domain name
  2. A web hosting for your blog
  3. Set up the blog using WordPress

You can do all of these steps yourself, or outsource the tasks to experts like us and choose a blog design package. Below in the resources box are plenty of instructions to help you do all three tasks. However for some people doing anything technical will always be too difficult.

Once these tasks are done you will have completed this module. You will have a website up and running ready to fill with great content, that anyone with Internet access can reach at the domain name you purchase.


Study Resources Step 3: Domain Name and Web Hosting

Internet Marketing

  • Do it yourself blog
  • Which Web Hosting To Choose?
  • SEO
  • What is Internet Marketing?
  • The 4Ps Of Internet Marketing



Extra Study: Setting Up Your Blog

Recommended Services

  • Which Is The Best Social Media Plugin In Blogging Revisited
  • WordPress Blogging
  • Is Outsourcing Exploitation?
  • Is Your Blog Running In Slow Motion?
  • How to start an Online Business in 3 hours or less!




Step 3 Checklist

  • Pick up carefully a market niche
  • Open a domain and hosting account with Godaddy
  • Set your WordPress Blog by yourself or outsource it to Paramarketing blog design
  • Choose a WordPress Theme
  • Install the wordpress plugins you need in building a successful blog


Step 4 Create Compelling Content For Your Niche

How To Write Compelling Content

 Step 4: Content Creation

Content is King

Content is the foundation of your website becoming successful. If you want people to visit your site there has to be a reason why.

In this step the resources focus on how to determine what people in your market consider valuable, how you can create that value and what formats are best to deliver to them. We focus on how to create two media types, text and video, so you can decide what type of content you feel capable of producing on a standard basis.


Goals of step 4

You have two core goals in this module:

  1. Fill your blog website full of valuable content over a period of 1 to 6 months
  2. Create a valuable giveaway, such as a free report, as an incentive to join your email newsletter

Your main blog focus

Focus simply on writing articles to your blog first, at least one per day if you can. If you don’t like to write, learn how to create video.

Moreover you should start building you email newsletter and to start building your list instantly from day 1. Remember the money is on the list.

Alternatively, you focus on writing a series of articles to your blog, which you then collect and put together into a free report, which you can create a video version. Then give this report away in exchange for joining your email newsletter.

Personal Branding for Success

One important part of branding is the image you yourself portray.  Developing a likeable personal brand is essential for succeeding either online or offline. If you want to rise to the top of your particular arena, you need to first be able to sell yourself to your potential customers.  Would you rather do business with a person who smiles and comes across as friendly or with one who snarls and ignores you?  The first impression a potential customer receives is from you.  Make it a good one.

Superstar Marketing

Have you ever seen the newbies distributors in any mlm opportunity? For the first three months they are cheering up and down, they are clueless and they brand the company instead of branding them. This leads to failure. Why do network marketing companies love newbie affiliates? Because none of them understand the importance of You First Branding concept which is the fundamental point of  Superstar Marketing.

They are all so excited about the idea of residual income, that as soon as they start their business, most spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on brochures, CDs and DVDs. These promotional tools only further brand the network marketing company and their product lines. Complete lack of Superstar Marketing, it is victim marketing.

Superstar Sponsoring

Superstar Sponsoring  is basically allowing your business prospects to pay all or most of the expenses that you accrue through promoting your business. With Superstar Marketing or Sponsoring , you constantly “feed your list with valuable content” and they end up coming back to you and joining your business because they feel you have something of value to offer them.

  • Estimated Time: 6 Months (you can do Step 5: Traffic during this time as well)
  • Outcomes: At least 50 unique content resources (articles, audios and/or videos) available from your website, creation of one main resource to give away in exchange for joining your newsletter.
  • Costs:
    • Aweber Email Autoresponder $19 month
    • Optional costs for outsourcing,
    • software for video (Screenflow for mac, Camtasia for PC),
    • video marketing  equipment (web camera)

 Blog Hosting

Grow Your Email List


Study Resources Step 4: Content Creation

  • How To Write Great Pillar Articles For Your Blog
  • How To Start Your Internet Business Blog Today
  • 10 Things l Hate Most In Blogging
  • How to start an Internet Business Blog Part 2
  • Do it yourself blog
  • Copywriting 101: The four basic steps of copywriting
  • Content is the King


Extra Study: Compelling Content

Email Marketing Resources

  • How to Make Money Writing Articles
  • 6 Blogging Tips Of Proper Blog Writing
  • Blogging For Money
  • The 7 Deadly Sins Of Copywriting
  • Unleash The Power Of Blogging
  • How to attract web traffic throught the Threeway Copywriting Formula
  • Blogging Is Sexy

Now it is the perfect time to begin the process of setting up an email newsletter. Your list is one of the biggest assets.

To do this you will need to register for AWeber, the online service you use to collect newsletter subscribers and to send out emails to them.

In order to collect newsletter subscribers you will need to place opt-in boxes on your website where people can enter their  email to join your newsletter. You have noticed the register box at the top of this page, another place people can sign up for my newsletter.


  • Boosting Your Sales With Autoresponders
  • What is a Squeeze Page?
  • Mailing Lists and Autoresponders– Why They Are So Important?
  • 7 Tips Of How To Grow A Huge Email List
  • 17 Email List Building Tips
  • Do l need an email campaign?
  • How To Build a Highly-Profitable Opt in List



Personal branding

Superstar Marketing and Superstar Sponsoring

  • The Four D’s of Personal Branding
  • Branding
  • What is Positioning?
  • Personal Branding Tips For Marketing Hits!
  • Attraction Marketing Versus Disruptive Marketing?
  • Superstar Marketing Part 1
  • Superstar Marketing 2
  • Superstar Marketing 3
  • The 7 Skills Of Superstar Sponsoring


Step 4 Checklist

  •     Write one article or video or both an article with a video per day for at least a month so you will form a daily habit
  •     Set up your email newsletter in Aweber
  •     Create an incentive for joining your newsletter such as a free report, e-course or video series)
  •     Place an opt-in form on several spots in your blog to collect newsletter subscribers and grow your list


Step 5 Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Step 5 Drive Traffic To Your Blog

 Step 5 Summary

Traffic is the lifeblood of your blog

This is Step 5 and our focus is traffic. This step can be done at no cost, if you are willing to put in the time and energy to drive traffic yourself. Alternatively you can spend money to have other people help build your traffic, to pay for advertising or publicity campaigns, or to create specific materials you use for marketing.

The resources in this step present many techniques you can test on your website to see if they bring in traffic. You will learn about SEO, search engine optimization, article marketing, guest blogging, social media and traffic marketing and various other tactics that are proven traffic sources.

Be careful not to waste your time on techniques that don’t work for you. Focus on finding the two or three techniques that provide the best results and stick to these, rather than jump from technique to technique. If something works, keep doing it and ignore the rest unless you have spare time or money.

Google Analytics and Traffic Monitoring

Make sure when you attract traffic you accurately assess results using a statistics service such as Google Analytics (free). Monitor your results for long term gains. Short term spikes are nice, but retained traffic with a steady growth curve is more important.  Correlate an increase in unique visitors to your site with an increase in email newsletter sign-ups. This is of high importance

SEO -Search Engine Optimization-

Search engine optimization is a new era and if you would like to rank first on Google and in other major search engines, then you need to start studying the basics of SEO. You can take my free SEO guide and learn the SEO principles you need to follow a SEO Google First Page Strategy.

Traffic From Social media

Social media is an emerging traffic source that every savvy blogger and Internet business owner should exploit. In the social media section of this step you will find a lot of resources about social media marketing and how to drive traffic from social media. Also you can find ways to make money from social media and from facebook.


  • Estimated Time: 6 Months working in parallel with step 4
  • Outcomes: Build your website up to 100 to 300 unique visitors per day and reach 1,000 email newsletter subscribers
  • Costs: Optional costs for outsourcing, advertising fees, publicity fees, creation of marketing resources, etc.

 Blog Hosting

Grow Your Email List


Study Resources Step 5: Traffic

  • Targeted Internet Marketing
  • Free Backlinks
  • Relationship Marketing
  • How To Be An Internet Marketing Magnet
  • Get Indexed By Google
  • SEO Google First Page: A rough guide
  • 7 Untapped Traffic Sources
  • What Is Guest Blogging?
  • Get Free Backlinks With Guest Blogging
  • What is Virology?
  • Are You A Blogger Or A spammer?
  • How to promote your blog, a beginner’s guide


Extra Study: Search Engine Optimization

 Extra Study: Social Media

  • What is Google Pagerank?
  • Life Without Google
  • How to start an Internet Business Blog Part 3
  • The New Google Penguin Update and My Personal Strategy
  • How to get ranked first on google in 3 hours or less!
  • The Top 16 SEO Tips From A Yahoo Insider
  • How To Market Your Internet Business Blog With No Money

Social Media Marketing

  • How To Be A Social Media Magnet: My Personal Roadmap
  • Which Is The Best Social Media Plugin In Blogging?

Traffic Generation and Backlinking

  • What is the best backlinking strategy?
  • How to attract web traffic throught the Threeway Copywriting Formula
  • 101 Tips To Massive Increase Blog Traffic
  • 17 Massive Web Traffic Tips
  • Simple Blogging Traffic Attraction Tips
  • 11 Traffic Explosion Tips
  • Does Your Blog Have A Hook?
  • Web 2.0 Dofollow Blogs For Backlinck Building
  • ParaMarketing Blog Hits The Alexa Majestic Million!
  • Get Free Backlinks With Guest Blogging

 Step 5 Checklist

  • Optimize your websites internal SEO structure
  • Set up permalinks
  •  Add a sitemap to your site and submit it to Google Webmaster tools
  • Include your keyword in your titles on your blog
  • Write and publish at least two guest articles on other websites and make sure they link back to your site
  • Create a YouTube account and submit your first video
  • Start a Facebook page and Twitter Account for your website/business
  • Test one new traffic technique each week until you determine what works for you, for example
  • Comment marketing, leave three comments on 3 blogs every night before bed
  • Forum marketing, leave 2  lengthy posts in one popular forum every night
  • Facebook marketing, set up a page and start recruiting fans
  • Twitter marketing, set up a twitter account and start interacting with relevant people
  • Google Plus, set up a google plus account and make your google plus page and start adding people
  • Video marketing, create your first video and submit it to YouTube
  • Link building, create content designed specifically to attract links
  • Guest Blogging, leave your first guest blog in a high traffic website
  • Social Bookmarking such as Digg, Reddit, Stumble Upon


Step 6 Test And Combine Different Money Making Methods

 Step 6 Make Money From Your Blog

 Step 6 Summary

This is Step 6, how to generate money from your website. We are going to focus on testing different monetization (the process of making money) methods until you find a combination that is consistently profitable.

The four broad categories of how to make money from your blog are:

  1. Advertising
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Network Marketing
  4. Product Development

I suggest you work your way through the methods in the order listed above, since it is a lot easier to begin making money from advertising than selling your own product. That being said, you should make it your goal to eventually have your own products as that is by far the most lucrative method to make money. It is a smart idea to generate multiple streams of income, so you are not dependent on any one source.


I recommend you keep it simple to begin with by placing some advertising on your blog or website and writing product reviews where you promote products as an affiliate. Experiment with different types of advertising and different products until you find some that make you money consistently.

  • Estimated Time: 6 Months (testing should begin only after you have traffic)
  • Outcomes: Earn your first $1 online, then progress to a steady $300 per month on average within 6 months
  • Costs: Optional costs for outsourcing, product creation, shopping cart/ecommerce system.

 Blog Hosting

Grow Your Email List

Study Resources Step 6: Make Money On The Internet

  • Zombie Websites Or Money Making Blogs?
  • Make Money Blogging Basics
  • How to start an Internet Business Blog Part 4
  • The Three Biggest Success Secrets To Making Money From Your Blog
  • New Home Based Business Trends In America


Extra Study: Make Money On The Internet

 Extra Resources

Make Money

  • 7 Reasons to build a blog and make money
  • Blogging For Money
  • How Email Segmentation Made My List Stronger AND $31,940 More Profitable
  • Make Money On The Internet: Vision Board
  • How To Build a Highly-Profitable Opt in List
  • How To Make Money With Amazon Kindle

Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing?
  • 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing An Affiliate Program
  • Make Money With Affiliate Marketing
  • Super Affiliate Marketing 101
  • Super Affiliate Marketing 202
  • Super Affiliate Marketing 303
  • Super Affiliate Marketing 404
  • Top 10 ClickBank Affiliate Programs




Passive Online Income

  • What Is Your Quadrant?
  • Multiple Streams Of Online Income
  • The Four Seasons Of Network Marketing
  • Do You Know Robert Kiyosaki?
  • Do you have fast food financial planning?


 Step 6 Checklist

  •  Review a product using your affiliate link (try Clickbank  to find products to review)
  •  Decide what your own first product will be and give yourself a deadline to release it
  • Join a network marketing opportunity to enrich your sales funnel like Cash Unite
  •  Plan what your sales funnel might look like in two years when you have a range of products



Step 7 Optimize And Automate Your Internet Business

 Step 7 Blog Optimization

  Step 7 Summary

By the time you begin this step you should already have a money making website. This module is all about increasing your income and reducing your efforts. To do this you will have to set up  business systems and possibly do some outsourcing.

The challenge for most people when they reach this stage is maintaining cash flow at the same time as working to remove yourself from the business. It can also be difficult to stabilize your income so you know each month you will make enough to live off, hopefully even more, invest funds into growth and manage that growth.

The best advice I can give you is to keep things simple. When you find something that works, avoid the temptation of always doing more and do not say yes to every single new opportunity that comes your way. Use what works, then remove yourself from the process, then consider new projects.

The resources below focus on how to optimize your business, avoid the mistakes every new does and systematize your business.

Finally, you need to create optimization cycles and to curate you content every three or six months on the run.


  • Estimated Time: Ongoing
  • Outcomes: Reduce your labor to a couple of hours per day and increase your income to at least $3,000 a month.
  • Costs: Optional costs for outsourcing, developing products, purchasing software systems, hiring staff, and growing a successful business.

Create Your WordPress Blog With

Grow Your Email List With

SEO Optimization

  • SEO Google Optimization
  • Is Your Blog Running In Slow Motion?
  • Free Traffic Is Really Free?


Extra Study: Optimization

  • The Real Secret To A 2-Hour Work Day
  • How to Optimize your Squeeze Page
  • What I Love Most In Split Testing
  • Why Online Training Systems Fail?
  • How to start an Internet Business Blog Part 5
  • Does your internet business blog need a SWNOT analysis?


Step 7 Checklist

  • If you don’t have tech person already, outsource the service of your website to a third blog design company
  • Complete writing a series of newsletters so there is at least a full year of automatic emails sent to your subscribers
  • Hire or seek guest bloggers to write articles for your website or blog
  • Hire a SEO Expert to work on your website’s SEO
  • Find a SEO coach
  • Set up a sequence of emails and content for creating a customer’s base


Step 8: Internet Business and Personal Development Tools

 Business and Personal Development

 Step 8 Summary

Everything in the final step focuses on your mind. Your mind is the tool you use to complete the activities leading up to this point, so if you fail to achieve any of the 7 steps in this guide and eventually build a money making website, it’s because your thinking has let you down.

A great bunch of resources and motivators like Robert Kiyosaki and Napoleon Hill and other business mentors can guide you to this beautiful online journey and can help you to make money on the Internet.



  • Estimated Time: The rest of your life
  • Outcomes: Achieve business goals, become super healthy and stay happy no matter what life throws your way.
  • Costs: Your time to practice, investment in further education and training optional.

Create Your WordPress Blog With

Grow Your Email List With


  • A Guide To Personal Success A guide to personal success is a message of hope and courage to motivate to keep going and keep dreaming.
  • The 10.000 Hour Rule And Your Internet Business Blog
  • My Primary Blog Goal Is Not To Make Money
  • Top 10 Blog Posts
  • Is it Compulsory to succeed on the Internet?


Personal And Business Development Resources

 Extra Outbound Personal Development Resources

  1. Make Money On The Internet With Napolleon Hill
  2. Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich
  3. Is it Compulsory to succeed on the Internet?
  4. The Four Major Obstacles to Change
  5. Ten Tips For Goal Setting
  6. 100 Posts Celebration!
  7. Make Money On The Internet: Vision Board
  8. Ask and is given
  9. Why l Move to Munich, Germany
  10. Why l moved from Germany back to Greece and joined the Greek Army
  • 9 Success Factors for Personal Growth: Moving Forward to Achieve Your Best Life
  • Success Magazine
  • Silva Mind Control

Step 8 Checklist

  • Build your Vision Board
  • Study at least 30 minutes a day a topic about personal development
  • Study at least 30 minutes a day about technical knowledge and expertise in your field

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