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Must Have Features in a Website


Must Have Features in a Website

Having the right features in your website might be the difference between success and failure.

Search Engine Optimization

Your website should be search engine optimized. When your website is has good SEO, it will rank highly with search engines. A high ranking is important because many web surfers only consider what is on the first page of the results list. The high ranking increases visibility and consequently increases hits and sales.


The links should be suitable and they should be easily visible. This way, the surfer will navigate to your landing page and other pages to get more information on what you have on offer. You should be particularly keen on links if you have more than one service or product on offer. If you only have one service or product, you do not really need links. You should also consider back links to respected websites these will increase your sites credibility.

Good Content

The content should encourage potential customers to buy. The information should be clear, to the point, and unambiguous. Note that if you have too much text, potential clients or customers will get bored and they will navigate without reading your call to action.

Customer-friendly Service or Product

The product or service should be customer friendly. You should therefore do surveys to determine what customers want.

Contact Information

A large number of website owners forget to give their contact information. Contact information is not only important to potential clients who want to learn more about what you have on offer, it is also important to other website owners who want to do link exchanges. The contact information should preferably be on every page of the website. When you provide contact information, surfers will be able to inform you if there is any problem with your website such as a technical problem.

Buying Option

Provide your clients or customers with different buying options. These may include PayPal, credit cards, and other payment service. This way, potential clients or customers will not be put off by a paying option they are not comfortable with.

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