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Increasing the Conversion Rate of your Website


Increasing the Conversion Rate of your Website

Nowadays people are choosing to live online and share and search information through search engines. The majority use Google but the contribution of other search engines is not to be ignored. Search engine algorithm updates, especially the Google Panda update and Google Penguin update , affirm the importance of being ethical and true in all SEO techniques. Google search algorithms take into account about a hundred factors for ranking websites. Websites with relevant content that provide a great user experience rank higher in search results, therefore confirming the benefits of optimising your website.

There are tons of people searching for free giveaways online. Offering free samples of products, e books, games, ringtones and applications for download make a website popular. People who have had the privilege of using free products from your site will certainly recommend you to their family and friends. Publishing articles on your site that provide guidelines or discuss aspects of popular products, trends and technologies is another effective way of enticing visitors. Blog writers might link back to your site if it holds interesting content.

Small businesses can try free downloads and articles to attract the attention of their target community and they are more affordable in the long run than Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements.

Asking for recommendations and checking for ratings is a favourable method for selecting stores or restaurants your the local area. People searching online for local businesses are more likely to visit your site after spotting you on Google Places. Similarly, a positive review about your products and services may lead them to click on the link to your website given under such a review. Reviews and ratings should be published from only genuine reviewers since an overly biased rating will be suspicious and could potentially discourage others to trust in your business. It is often easy to tell when someone is creating fake reviews so avoid any tactical fake submissions. Make sure you are consistently receiving fresh reviews on your Google+ Local page and other citation and review sites. This helps amplify the conversion rate.

The Google+ Local algorithm is accepted to be parallel to what is called Trust Rank. That means quality matters more than the quantity. If you have more links or reviews coming from trusted websites, that can ultimately increase your rankings. You might not have the time and resources to take care of reviews, ratings and gauge website traffic therefore well seasoned SEO vendors can help provide assistance with this, and much more. The big picture is all about generating website traffic that will convert into sales.

The process requires knowledge, experience, time and patience and thats where SEO professionals fit in, to help you achieve challenging sales targets. For small businesses it is recommended to go for an SEO service with dedicated specialists yet an affordable campaign package rate for the best all-round results.

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