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Retaining Traffic for the Long Term


Retaining Traffic for the Long Term

Having managed to attract traffic to your site using SEO techniques, the next thing is retaining the numbers and ensuring your site remains evergreen and popular. Every SEO Firm should use the following SEO tips.

There are a number of measures you can apply to do this. They include:

  • Acquire domains that will be used to build traffic driving sites with link to your main page. These should be heavy on keyword use and should refer directly to your main site.
  • Expand your market niche by targeting new clients and users to your site. Prepare satellite pages and use keywords related to the particular merchandise and services that you wish to venture in. take advantage of new clients who show interest in your new undertakings by linking them to your main site.
  • Acquire additional back links, cross-links and other links between your main domains. This will enhance your page ranking and keep you at the helm of most search engines.
  • Publish content which is relevant to your industry and post it to your site. It should of course be backed up by high keyword and key phrase density.
  • You can hire an SEO company to produce articles or content that can either be sold or provided to public domain sites. These articles should be permanently linked to your main site and be made available to all users. They can be used to attract and retain clients to your niche and main domains.
  • Do not follow misconstrued efforts to attract traffic from uncertified e-sellers. Make you work easier by formulating a plan with one company and a sticking with it.

So how will you know that your site is generating and retaining considerable traffic?

You will need to supervise the number of back links, link popularity and web tendency statistics from the search engines.

This can be done by using special programs or assembling a spread sheet for submission of information from the search engines. You will need to logically tag the information you receive in order to do research and come up with a report.

There will of course be daily variations that you should bear with. Common gross ascending trends are more important than short run blips. A constant ascending progression with regular development will mark a successful SEO campaign.

If you are in the business for the long run, you should be patient while applying SEO strategies. There are short term fixes and pranks that have short term outcomes in attracting traffic.

Search engines are constantly reviewing their algorithms with most making changes at least monthly. Underhand tactics are easily found out and your site may end up being black listed.

The best approach is established on search engine directives. It entails having a well-designed domain, exempt of defective codes, providing useful information, offering goods or services of interest to the online community and having a high level of interactive ness.

Such a website will steadily build its own popularity and sustain traffic for the long run.

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