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SEO CONFERENCE 2019 CHIANG MAI: What l learned

SEO CONFERENCE 2019 CHIANG MAI: What l learned

Learn how to outrank the competition and stay on the first page of Google from the top SEOs of the world! Chiang Mai SEO Conference 2019!

Hello folks! After an incredible SEO Conference in the exotic Chiang Mai, the CMSEO 2019, l would like to share my best impression with you and tell you five things that l learned on this SEO conference.

The CMSEO 2019 is one of its kind and it is organized by Matt Diggity and his team. The top SEOs of the world are gathering here every year and present their findings, trying to predict how the Google algorithm will go on 2020 and beyond.

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Here are the top 5 things l learned.

1 Google Algorithm cannot outsmart the human mind

In his speech Kyle Roof, Lead SEO, High Voltage SEO, PageOptimizer Pro, present a funny approach to a site that outranked for a while the local SERPs with Lorem Ipsum content!

He not only outsmarted Google with plain gibberish content, but he was the first result for many months, till a journalist discovered him and wrote a post, then someone from Google read it and took his site down with a manual action.


It was a great punch in the stomach for Google, to figure out that its brand new AI Algorithm cannot read and cannot simulate the human reading ability.

Google algorithm is only an algorithm that can be manipulated from many savvy SEOs and from pionneers in the SEO community.

That’s why Google is still trying to cover its inbalances with new major updates every month or so.

2 SEO is a marathon

And everyone in every place in the world in the SEO community is facing the same common problems. Remember that we all have to outrank each other and make some real money in our niche.

So SEO is a business with its strict meaning, a real and a big one and it is a marathon where you have something to do every day to rank your site.

Only the best SEOs who are persistant, hard working, brilliant and fruitfull with ideas and tests can win.

3 Blogger Outreach: The worst SEO strategy

A lady named Stacey MacNaught presented the well known topic of Blogger Outreach as a solid SEO strategy. l think that sending hundreds of emails in bulk and trying to find new blogging opportunites it is not a good idea.

Maybe is for Stacey and it worked for her, but it has not worked for me. You know l done it several times, trying to find journalists and bloggers that will post my best articles about SEO and then remove it in a few months.

The reason l found blogger outreach a not so good white hat SEO strategy is that requires a lot of time and finally you are not in control of your backlinks. And that is the worst part of all.

4 Connections are everything in SEO

Me with Clark, a chinese SEO guy who finds Greek easy!

Next l would like to thank everyone l met and everyone who came in Chiang Mai SEO Conference 2019.

l really appreciated the people who came in the Conference all over the world, many of them travelling for one or two days for more than 10.000km, me alone l made 8.000 km to reach Chiang Mai after a long 24 hours trip changing three planes!

l met many people and is the first time of my life getting on the outbound marketing for SEO, after seven whole years of inbound SEO only. And l mean it. l never went to a single prospect till know and told him lets do SEO!

This never worked for me and l don’t think it will work for me, but at least l can meet interesting people all over the world with the same interest with me!

If you would like to share our common knowledge on SEO, you may contact me.

5 Backlinks are still the number one ranking factor on Google

Despite the so many Algorithm updates, google is still hugely relying on backlinks to rank a website. There is no need to panic, finally SEO is simpler if it is only about backlinks! And about link building.

l agree that content is still quite important when it comes to provide some real value to your final customers, but noone can move the needle in the SERPs without quality backlinks and making steadily many of them each month.

Also there is the technical part of SEO, the on site optimizating, the page speed etc, but the backlinks have the final say on getting on the first page of Google.

What are the final impressions from CMSEO 2019?


Finally, l found a better place than Greece!

Chiang Mai is a city with a lot of amenities, hot weather, good food and most of all very beatifull girls with porcelain faces!

It is definetely a place to live in when you want to become a digital nomad!

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