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7 Reasons to hire an SEO Agency! The seventh will sock you!

7 Reasons to hire an SEO Agency! The seventh will sock you!

Learn why you should hire an expert agency in order not to lose rankings!

Hello folks! My name is Yannis Divramis and today we’re going to talk about why you need to hire an SEO agency.

7 reasons and the seventh reason will definitely shock you. So, let’s go straight to the point.

Why should you hire an SEO agency?

I know that many of you are familiar with SEO or you are doing SEO alone or you have a friend who says you what to do in SEO or you are reading blogs or you are watching YouTube channels like mine for instance.

But SEO is not a static world, SEO is always changing and always getting more difficult and more difficult to rank on the first page of Google or on first results of Google.

Why is that?

1 SEO is always changing


Because Google tries to improve the search engine algorithm and tries to make things harder for people like us to rank to find out how to rank.

So, we have the infamous Google algorithm updates and they are too many, at least 3.500 per year.

But there are not only small changes that Google is doing every day, Google is always doing core updates and this summer, summer of 2021, Google made more than 3 core updates.

Starting in May 2021 with the Web Core Vitals update, proceeding to the User Experience update, the Anti-Spam update and many other updates that definitely will shock your site, some big sites will lose rankings and new websites will surface in the first page of Google.

The the point is that you cannot stay informed of these updates and you need assistance of an SEO agency or a SEO expert like me, Yannis from Greece, that the reason l have this funny accent and sometimes l need more time to think in order to speak to the camera.

But l am a SEO expert with more than 18 years of experience in SEO and more than 20 years experience in web development and WordPress design.

My first site was in 1998 and my first client was in 2000, so l am a little older than it seems, but definitely l can do great SEO job for you and for your company.

2 SEO is a very complicated job

The second reason is that SEO is very complicated job, a very complicated procedure, because the Google algorithm consists of more than 200 factors and you are familiar with the Cora software, it is a SEO software that has defined more than 864 ranking factors of Google.

So, it very difficult for a newcomer to do SEO at once and he needs at least 4 years of experience in order to deal with SEO matters and Google updates and find out how a site can rank on very competitive keywords on Google.

3 Fierce competition

The third reason is competition, you are not alone.

If you do a Google search right now, you can find out that there are many other competitors in many other sites, apart from yours. Maybe you are the first page, maybe you are not, but apart from your site there are many sites ranking on the first page of Google for very competitive keywords.

These sites are there for years, many of them are big sites, brands or small ones, but they have one thing in common. All of them have employed on the previous years a SEO agency or a SEO expert.

I think is a SEO agency, because a SEO expert can’t do alone as much as a SEO agency can do.

So, it is better to hire a SEO agency than to try ourselves of to hire only one SEO professional.

The big companies have another competitive advantage, because many of them have in-house SEO teams or they are outsourcing the SEO to big SEO agencies around the globe.

One of these agencies is ours, Paramarketing. We have an office in Athens, Greece and now we are starting an office in Los Angeles in United States and we can serve both Greek market and international markets in English speaking ones, because SEO starts with a website and with a content.

4 You need to find the proper keywords

The fourth main reason is that you need to find the proper keywords.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is the word that we put in Google or the phrase in order to make a search and then we can see the results, the websites that Google returns.

Keywords are everything for finding the proper user intent.

So, we don’t need only generic keywords, like SEO or what is SEO, because the search intent of these keywords are not the proper one for our agency, for instance, because is someone is asking Google what is SEO, is someone who wants to know what is SEO or to learn SEO and we are not offering this services.

We are a SEO agency and the best for us is to target keywords like SEO agency.

This mistake l’ve done it several times in the past years and and i’ve tried to make it better and to improve it.

Not to improve the mistakes, but learn from the mistakes and put the keywords correctly on my site and target the correct keywords like the SEO agency keyword.

These keywords are also referred to the SEO community as money keywords. Money keywords are the keywords that bring the money to the site, the clients and the converts rather than have only vague traffic without having convertions.

5 You need targeted organic traffic

The fifth reason you need to hire a SEO agency is that you need targeted organic traffic.

You don’t need only traffic from Google, but targeted traffic, traffic that converts and believe me l have many sites that l look every month and l do SEO for them with my team and not all the traffic we are getting are good.

For instance, we are getting 100 visitors per day and only one becomes a client, then it is not very good the traffic that you have. You have to do an SEO audit to see what people are coming to your website, what keywords are ranking for your website and what pages are ranking on the first pages of Google.

You need to find exactly the clients and the user intent behind them when they come to Google and search for something that you have in your website.
Even it is a product or a service, it is common to find the keywords that rank and the keywords that will make you money.

6 Scalebility and growth with an SEO Agency

The sixth reason is scalability and growth. You cannot grow your website if you don’t do SEO.

Of course there are many other media buyers or websites that do only Facebook Ads or Google Ads and they omit 100% to do SEO, but SEO can grow your channel if it is a YouTube channel, you can grow your website. It is a new channel of sales and will bring you customers and penetrate new markets that nobody could believe they exist.

So, the proper growth and the proper scaling for your website is doing proper quality SEO.

7 An SEO Agency can help you build your brand

And the seventh reason that will shock you is that SEO can build your brand.

Through branding you can build your SEO, because SEO is more familiar or close to Marketing today than the previous decade.

So, you need to build your brand and you need an SEO agency that knows about Marketing and branding in order to follow all the principles to make a recognizable brand, to make your site to be memorable to your people and to the visitors, so to be your customers.

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I an Yannis Divramis, l am an SEO agency owner and if you want more advice or you want an SEO audit or other top SEO services for your site or to rank to the first page of Google, believe me my SEO expertise is better than my English.

I’ve studied in London, but l haven’t spoke English for several years because i live in Greece and is very difficult to start a new channel in a foreign language like Engligh, but believe me i will do my best. I will improve in other videos.

Nice to meet you and l will see you in the next video.

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