One of the most influential marketing tools today; blog posts have taken the Internet by storm. However, simply writing and publishing your blog post isn’t enough. You have to promote it too. If you are a blogger, naturally, your first step would be would be to share the content on Twitter and Facebook. What is the step that comes after that? There are many more platforms available and you might just be missing thousands of potential views. Here are some of them.

  • SlideShare – You can easily turn your blog post in to a slideshow by using PowerPoint or a similar software that is available and share the result document on this particular platform. As long as your content quality stands out, you can enjoy less competition on SlideShare.
  • LinkedIn Groups – LinkedIn Groups are mainly based upon a number of industry professionals that share similar expertise and tastes. Therefore, if you share your blog post in a LinkedIn Group, it will provide you with targeted exposure that is beyond your usual list of audiences. However, before you share the content, make sure that the group welcomes shared content and ensure that the post is relevant to the group topic. Don’t spam this site since it will reflect in a negative manner.
  • Instagram – This is a visual sharing site and uses the same strategy as twitter to get its content noticed. Hashtags and mentions are used when posting content while mentions and comments are a great way to market your product. Instagram currently caters to young adult and teen demographics while it offers a visually attractive content sharing option for brands and business too.
  • Pinterest – Similar to Instagram, Pinterest is also a great platform to build traffic. All you have to do is post an eye catching picture that is relevant to the subject along with a link to your blog post. Sharing the image can bring readers to you. Simple!
  • – This platform helps companies and individuals to create infographics and other visual content and also share these files. Since infographics and visual content is appealing to the eye, you can easily increase your blog’s exposure.
  • StumbleUpon – When you click the “stumble” button, this platform will allow users to browse random web pages. By adding your content to this social network and if ratings are noted, you are most likely to appear in random search rotations. Make the content interesting for the user to like it and rate it.
  • Triberr – This platform takes targeted tribes and joins them together which can help you to build relationships with other bloggers in the industry. You can also earn traffic by sharing others’ content as well.
  • BizSugar – If you are a small business owner, then you should consider sharing your blog posts on this platform. You can share news and tips regarding small businesses which are actually great ways to find new readers and connect with people who have similar likes.
  • – If you are creative and can write interesting and unique content then this platform would be ideal. Web users tend to come here when they are looking for fresh content. You are able to start the programme for free but in order to post more topics; you will have to pay a fixed monthly fee.
  • Blog Engage – You can simply head over to Blog Engage and publish various blog posts on any variety of topics for other users to read. From photography to Finance, from fashion to reading, whatever your focus is, you can find an audience of new readers.
  • Reddit – This platform is for businesses or individuals who have a specific niche market. The site’s users are very thorough and intense, so you will have to ensure that your content is of the highest quality, properly targeted and free of marketing jargon. The site boasts of a large amount of traffic and if you manage to gain credibility, you are good to go.
  • Your Email List – You can always share your new blog content with your email list while if you are a frequent blogger, then you can consider sending them updates to avoid hassling your subscribers.
  • Niche-Based Social Sites – You might be able to post on a number of social bookmarking sites such as which is great for blogging, SEO and Internet marketing.
  • Social Networks that are Industry-Specific – Some major industries have specific social networks of their own to help each other out, to offer advice and also to share information. If you can find out if the industry that you belong to has a similar network, make sure that you can share your work there with permission.

Since the internet is such an enormous place, it offers you many opportunities to share your blog posts. All you have to do is, figure out your target audience and share high quality unique content.

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