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Three main SEO principals that led me to success

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Three main SEO principals that led me to success

SEO is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization and it is a long term business. No sites can rank on Google in hours or days and its rather a labour intense task.

That is the main reason many big companies and medium sized firms avoid or ommit to do any SEO optimization or run any SEO campaigns for their website.

They rely absolutely on Google Ads and running campaigns in Facebook and Instagram insted.

When l started my SEO business, in 2013, l was in the Greek Army in the First Army of Greece. l was not so ambitious then and the only thing l would like to do is to create my own job in order to work as a freelancer from home.

The idea to create my own business was out of the question, because l had started many businesses in Greece in the past alone or with partners and the results was never so great as l expected.

Moreover, the greek economic crisis was on its peak and the brain drain was a solution for thousands of greek educated people. Many of my bests friends left Greece to go to America, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and anywhere else they could find better circumstances to start a living or to find a decent job.

Why l started this SEO business


After moving to Germany for six months taking with me my PC, my car and my clothes, l had a very hard time on finding a job on my field. As a computer and internet skilled professional or in the finance sector, due to my degree in Finance and Accounting.

No more to say about the german language which was very difficult for me to learn and speak, after two years of private tuition with many german teachers. Getting fluent in german was not so easy as l thought and the working conditions on the greek restaurants l found there was a nightmare.

The standards of living in Germany as an economic immigrant was worse than to be a sephard in a remote greek village with 200 people.

After moving from Tegernsee, Bavaria to Munchen and then to Nuremberg and finally to the former East Germany to Leipzig l realized that nothing good will ever happen there.

l have nothing to do with the Germans, they are good people and they have a nice country. But for me, a greek immigrant in Germany was the worst experience l ever had in my life.

A good start is the half of everything and the most sure things was that a had done my worst start ever.

l struggled for six months from August 2012 to January 2013, trying to master the german language with its various and complicated accents and dialects in every different place l moved to.

Copying with extremely bad bosses who looked only to steal you and work more for less, l made my decision to get back to Greece and start a job that could support me and my wife.

Needless to say that l seperated from my wife for a year because of the financial problems we were facing in Greece and our marriege was doomed on the first place. l was doing everything l could to stick with her and make this marriage work.

On January 2013 l had to join the Greek Army or to be dismissed. Feeling so homesick, l went back and l got listed to the artillery. l was so excited that they made me the coffee house manager and l had 11 soldiers working for me.

It was one of my happiest months of my life! To get back home with the sun and the hot weather and to sip coffee every day, l felt l was dreaming. To make a long story short, l decided to stay in Greece and to start my own business based on three main principles.

l called them SEO principles because l started an SEO business from scratch, just me, a small desk from IKEA l bought from 20 euros and my old PC with Windows XP, when everyone was running Windows 8.

l started a company that l would like to work in for ever

When l was 24, l had a car accident and l scrambled my car by falling from a 15 meter high slope. l was lucky enough to survive with not even a scratch, and thanks God, l started searching for buying another car.

Having no money, it was not so easy to buy a second hand car and l was going from car dealer to car dealer only to discover that they were lying to me trying to sell me second hand cars that were older than they presented them to the crowds and quite more used.

So l made myself to this simple question:

If l could buy only one car in my whole life, which car would l choose?

Probably l would choose a car that won’t broke, that would be reliable, economic and could run to the dirt roads and on the highway. That the services of the car would be cheap and the life span of the engine would be for 500.000 kilometers for instance.

l thought that if l would made 20.000 kilometers per year, and l would keep the same car for 25 years, the engine should last at least for 500.000 kilometers.


l chose a Toyota Corolla Hatchback with three doors. l chose a Toyota because l liked the company’s philosophy and we had many management courses on the university about Toyota and its management techniques and main philosophy of sustainability and excellence.

If l would like to be known from something on my SEO business is the realibility of Toyota.

l would like to keep everything as simple as possible

In the first years, l would like to keep every task in a very simple level and l concentrated on what tasks l could fullfil myself and only. l was constantly avoiding to hire employees or delegate tasks to third parties.

l was a loner in life, as l split up with my ex wife and l was disgussed from my previous partnerships that made me lost almost 45.000 €, a quite decent capital when you are on your twenties and working 14 hours a day almost every day to get buy and earn more.

The first years was the hardest and finding new clients in a bankrupt economy was extremely hard. But all these hardship strenghtened me enough and made me tough and stubborn.

l was keeping my acounting myself, l was doing the sales and l was writing posts on my blog almost every day.

l was focused only on one thing every day: SEO.

SEO was my core business and l ranked many sites for the greek market with very competetive keywords on the first position of Google.

The third SEO business principal is focus

l didn’t care about Google Ads, Affiliate marketing, web design, building eshops, Shopify, Magento and other custom designed websites.

l focused only in one thing as l was a one man show, to build and to rank WordPress websites on the first page and on the first position of Google.

A goal quite hard that made many of the well established web design and SEO companies to faint. Ranking on the first three results of Google and keeping the rankings for more than five years was almost a great achievement itself.

lt make me proud and l was recognised as an SEO expert on the Greek market in less than three years, l thought it was 18 months, since from January 2015 many greek magazines noticed my success and trying to contact me to help them or to give them some information about Google and SEO to make a post or to write an article.

Still, the things was not so easy for me, because l was working every day for almost 12 hours and the first time a got a day of was in August 2018. 5 years after the start up of Paramarketing.

For five years l was so commited to my job and servicing clients that l had lost the days and l was living like a robot. Sticking to a very strict diet and working programme, going out and socializing so rarely that many friends were asking me where l was living?

l was so focused and so obsessed to be successful on my field that l devalued everything else in life, friends, family, personal life, sex life, vacations, sports and hobbies.

l was so absorbed by my daily routine and my obsession to pass the 10.000 hours limit that seperates the true experts from the mediocre professionals that nothing else mattered.

l was creating my own music, painting my own paintings as Warren Buffet says frequently and living was something l didn’t care of.

What l am up to now?

Now, six years later, l want to enter the American market, servicing SEO clients from America while living in Greece. A great ancient philosopher, Isocrates, said: ” Greeks are those who have greek education”.

That makes me more american than many other americans, as l have american education from books, sites, friends and audiobooks or documentories. The only is missing l think is mastering a bit better the american language and taking an american citizenship- maybe one time in the future-.

But being like an American living abroad as an expatriete l feel really wired and l wonder how can l fit in all of these.

However, l love what l am doing and l love the american way of thinking, and l admire many american minds like Tim Ferris and Warren Buffet l mentioned above, so l am sure l am going to succeed one way or another.

If you would like to be one of my very first American clients, then don’t hesitate to ask for a quote today. l will give a great discount in the first three new clients to the SEO offer they took from other local SEO firms.

Today, l have a full team with copywritters, seo experts, web designers, hosting managers and many others to serve better new clients and we are always getting better every year.

l love optimal minimalism and l believe in quality over quantity, as Aristotle used to say.

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