The practise and techniques of Search Engine Optimisation is getting tougher continuously and it is certainly not what it used to be five years ago. There was a time that SEO was purely dependant on keywords and a few “questionable tactics” to get ahead of the game.

Things have changed drastically now and even though keywords still play a role, SEO is about a number of things now – links, site architecture, image quality, security, the age of your site and even its speed. So let’s check out why links are the most important since it still remains as the strongest signal offering Google information that content on a given site is imperative. It makes complete sense because the more links that point to your site, the more curious people would be to check it out.

First of all, there are three types of links that we currently work with.

– Organic Links

This is a type of spontaneous link that web users such as bloggers insert in their posts that link to your site. The name is such since it’s considered to be very valuable. Therefore, as a content marketer, one of your main aims should be building organic links. You can get these links by simply producing lots of high quality content that is entertaining, informative and useful to everyone. If you work on your content in a proper manner, then you will notice that the number of organic links have gradually increased over time.

– Acquired Links

These are comparatively less valuable but digital marketers will have to work with them. You can sign up to various profiles, lists and directories where you can upload your blog to gain more exposure. When you submit articles to sites such as “” you can acquire a few more backlinks to your site.

– Self-made Links

This happens when you start contributing to discussion forums and when you leave comments on social media. When you do so, it makes sense to leave a link back to your site. However, do not under any circumstance exploit this tactic. If you over do it, it may as well be considered as spam and chances are, you might be penalised.

Since we have already passed a quarter of the year 2015, here are a few trends that you can expect to see in the arena of link building.

Another trend that you can expect is the production and inclusion of videos. Video is turning out to be quite important even though its time consuming and costly. It can be a valuable asset when it comes to link building. From creating a viral video to daily vlogging and animations, adding videos are an important method to build up those important organic backlinks.

Content will always rule. Nearly everyone at present has a blog and most websites are doing well because of this. So, what you can do is stop re-purposing and re-writing the same old content over and over again and start off fresh. Make your blogs new, unique and interesting which will make web users come back for more. Make sure that you research your subject well and include much detail as possible but make it interesting rather than boring. Content is all about quality which is something that you should never forget.

Infographics are also still trending this year too. If you have a graphic designer, then creating these are ideal for backlinks. The reason being their share-ability. When information is presented in neat and colourful graphs and images, people are automatically attracted to it. While statistics might take the user by surprise, an eccentric illustration will definitely allow a link back to your site.

So, now since we have covered the importance of links, you can plan your link building strategy if you are lacking a proper one. Good Luck!

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