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15 SEO ranking factors Google 2022 The 8th is still important!

15 SEO ranking factors Google 2022 The 8th is still important!

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Hi everyone!

I am Yannis Divramis, I am a SEO expert from Greece and now you are watching this video about 15 SEO ranking factors in Google for 2022.

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So, let’s talk about SEO in 2022.

What has changed?

I recently made research in some SEO website communities in America mostly and they say that Google will change its top-ranking factors.

There are more than 200 top-ranking factors, but the 15 most important will be changed and be shifted to another direction that is more content headed.

So, let’s dove into the content right now.

1 Consistent Publication of Engaging Content or Useful Content

Number 1 ranking factor for 2022 is the consistent publication of engaging or useful content.

Content is king and Google would like to update its role in our website.

You have to post or make videos at least once a month or if you want to have a better growth you need to upload one post or video per week, so 4 per month or 50 per year or even more.

But the content production should not be for just the content’s sake.

You need useful content and you need first to do some keyword research in order to find what your users are looking for and provide and serve it better. Serve the niche content for your market.

Sorry for speaking like a robot, but my English are not so good because the only person I speak English to is you.

You are watching the video, because I am in Greece and almost nobody here speaks English on an everyday base. So, this funny accent, these funny syntactic errors aren’t because of not knowing good English but because of not using English.

2 Keywords in Meta Title Tags

Let’s go to number 2, keywords in the Meta title tags.

Keywords in the Meta description are very important because Meta description appears in Google snippets and many people are clicking there because they are reading your title or your snippet and they go to your snippet. So, number 2 is Meta description.

3 Quality Backlinks


Number 3 is backlinks.

Backlinks are of great importance, but Google tries to make them less and less important in the future, because they are trying to avoid the spam links and the manipulation of the Google algorithm.

In the previous years we can see that many people and many spammers were making thousands of backlinks, pointing to some websites with the right or the exact match keyword and this was devastating for other sites because they were ranking first without having any quality content.

4 Niche Expertise or Google EAT

Number 4 is niche expertise or Google EAT.

You have to be an authority in your field like if you running a medical website you need to be a doctor in order to write these topics or if you run a legal service website you need to be a lawyer.

Google can understand who is who and can understand better than before the proper expertise and the proper content for every sector.

5 Internal Links

So, let’s go to number 5 that is internal links. Internal linking are a must and you have to interlink every post from your website to each other or have some proposed posts as I have on my website. This will help Google to crawl your website faster and also it helps not to leave any dead content or content without backlinks at all.

But it is better to link your secondary posts to the primary pages in order to rank them first in Google and rank them higher.

6 User Engagement or User Experience

Let’s go to number 6.

The sixth ranking factor for 2022, as I read in many SEO community sites, is user engagement or user experience.

User engagement means that someone will visit your website and will stay, the bounce rate will be as low as possible and they will stay and interact with us for something, make a phone call or do something. At least scrolling down on the page means that the user in interested in your content.

7 Mobile First Design or Mobile First Indexing

Number 7 is mobile first design or mobile first indexing.

You need to make websites that are mobile friendly and mobile first. For instance, some sidebars may not be useful today, because you cannot see them in a mobile phone or in a tablet. But mobile first indexing is very, very important.

You need to adjust your websites if you haven’t done already, make them to be mobile phone first and then in laptops and other computers.

8 Page Speed

Number 8 is page speed. Your website should load in about 1” or less.

You can see that our site is loading in one second and we have many other eshops that have thousands of products and load extremely fast, so there are no excuses today.

You can adjust your hosting and you can find a WordPress theme that is extremely fast and do it right now. Loading speed is not a ranking factor, but if you have a slow connection, the websites that load faster will be on the top pages and you will be vanished.

You may test your web page load time in the following tools:

9 SSL Certificate

Number 9 is SSL certificate.

Today in SEO 2022 still many websites don’t have SSL and SSL is crucial for Google, because Google Chrome finds these sites as not safe and it gives you an alert and don’t allow you to visit them.

So, until today you need to install an SSL certificate. Many web hosting providers have it free in their packets, so you need to do it right now and make a correction to http and make it https in the internal links or in the other links you have inside.

10 Offsite Mentions

And let’s go to number 10 that is offsite mentions.

Google decided to include offsite mentions like brand mentions in each ranking factor, so branding means everything for Google. In order to rank on the first page, you need to build a strong brand.

11 Schema Markup

Number 11 is schema markup.

Schema markup means that you have some code in your site that says that your site is an eshop, is a bookshop or is a small company website etc. This can be done with a plug in like Yoast SEO or Rank Math. It’s not so useful because Google many times understands without the schema markup if your website is a book store or something else.

12 Keywords on the URL or On The Permalinks

Number 12, keywords on the URL or the permalinks.

As I told you before, you need to have your keywords in the Meta description, because people are reading the snippets in Google, but you still need to have your keywords in your URL or in the permalink in order to give Google the signal than you need to rank for this keyword.

13 Keywords In The Head Tag

Number 13, keywords in the head tag. That means than you include your keywords on the main h1 title.

Also, you need to include them in the h1, h2 etc. in the first paragraph and so on.

14 Keywords in Meta Description

And number 14 is keywords in Meta description.

As I told you before in Meta title tags it is the same for Meta description, but many people think it is separate and you need to have keywords in Meta description apart from the Meta title tags. Some of them change the Meta description and make it a bit different than the h1 of your website.

15 Tags in General

Number 15 are the tags in general.

Tagging metatags is not so important today in SEO 2022, but many people think that they offer some relevancy about the topics, topical relevancy to your post, and you can still use them in SEO in 2022.

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I am Yannis Divramis and I will see you on the next video. Bye!

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