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7 SEO tactics that will not work in 2022 The 7th will kill your site!

7 SEO tactics that will not work in 2022 The 7th will kill your site!

See what you need to avoid so not to lose rankings in the coming year!

Hello! I am Yannis Divramis, I am a SEO expert from Greece, that’s the reason I have this odd accent and sometimes I stop without speaking because I lose my syntax and I still try to tame the English language.

Today we are going to talk about 7 SEO tactics that will not work in 2022.

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So, let’s get to the point now, 7 SEO tactics that will not work in 2022.

Google is running in a rapid speed with more than 3.500 updates annually, at least this summer we had 3 major updates from Google like the Web Core Vitals update, the Page Experience update, the Spam Content update, the Spam links update and other updates will come stronger and stronger in the following years.

1 Thin content or low quality content

So, the first thing is the thin content.

Google had done an update years ago, the Thin Content update that banishes all the sites with thin content, with not much content inside.

Today, you can see in Google news that some sites have title baits, content baits or URL baits, like… “Look this guy” or “What happened to the other guy, this is very important”.

You will click on the post and you won’t see anything, only one picture and two lines of content to click and see more there.

This will not continue in Google in 2022 and is not a good practice or tactic for your SEO campaign.

If you have thin content on your site, your rankings will drop because of 2 reasons. The first is that Google will make major or minor updates and will give more points to the sites with bigger content, so you will lose some points in the rankings and second, other new sites will have better content than yours, longer content or content that people are searching for today.

2 Leaving spam comments in other blogs

The second SEO tactic that will not work in 2022 according to the SEO community is the spam comments or to leave spam comments in other blogs.

There are 2 ways in order to leave a spam comment in a website.

Stop posting spam comments

You can read a post from a high domain authority site and you can see that under the post they have a comments section and we can leave there our website’s URL and say something like very nice post or very nice article.

This will not work because people won’t allow you to comment or to spam their websites without adding real value.

Stop using spam software

The second way is using a spam software, like GSA, that sends thousands of spam comments in websites that allow spam comments. These websites are not high authority, they don’t have high relevance with you so Google will never take account of them as a good backlink or as a good source.

Also, it will not give you ranking points because of this. So, if you make spam comments, you have to stop it and focus on other SEO strategies, like making new content.

3 Poor UX

Number 3 is the poor UX or not having UX at all.

UX stands for User Experience and User Experience is a really great ranking factor for Google.

Poor User Experience leads to high bounce rate that means that people who will visit your site for first time, will leave without staying longer than 3 seconds or 1 second.

This is devastating for Google and for your SERP‘s, your search engine results pages and what is the cure for this?

  • First, you need to write for the people.
  • Second, you don’t need to write just to write.

Even the simplest site without many graphics can ask questions that are very important to the people and make the people love you or call you or make them your clients. So, focus on quality content and not only quantity, because you have a lower budget than other bigger blogs out there like Forbes, but you can still make a difference. You can still conquer a small niche with your posts.

4 Unnatural links or spam links


Number four, unnatural links or spam links.

Let’s say that you start a new website right now and you have 0 links and in the first month you can take backlinks from another webpage catalog or from another blog of your friend and now you have 2 backlinks.

The third month you find someone from India that is a SEO expert, as he says, and he sends to your site 100 backlinks per month and suddenly in the third month you have 103 or 102 backlinks.

These backlinks are not natural, they cannot have been written by hand or they cannot have been made by human, simply because your website is very young and links do not occur naturally out there on the Internet, something that is very rare.

So, it doesn’t only matter to have many backlinks on other sites, but it does matter to be as natural as they can and with a pace that is stable upwards than to have spikes. Otherwise, we lose backlinks and rankings from Google.

5 Duplicate content

Number 5 is duplicate content. Many people are talking about duplicate content, that Google will punish your site and so on.

What is duplicate content?

Duplicate content is having more than 70% of the same content in another post on your website or to have 2 posts with different title but the same context or content within our website. Only one of the 2 posts will rank and it is not only a waste of time, but your website will lose rankings in Google and other search engines.

So, what can you do with duplicate content in your website?

Write new fresh posts

First, you need to write posts that are new, fresh and try not to copy anyone else or another blog post or another blog post of yours. You can copy from other or from yourself, but you need at least 70% new content.

For instance, if you have 2 similar posts at least the one should have 70% or even more 90% different content.

Real different content, not just changing the phrase. You have to write about different topics, not the same topic in order to rank.

Another problem with duplicate content is the local SEO than many sites are covering in the same area, like some other villages or towns.

For instance, if we are talking about painters, Los Angeles painters, San Francisco painters and then we have San Antonio painters. Apart from the first page that is Los Angeles and different telephones, everything is the same with the San Antonio and the San Francisco page.

That is not so good, you have to write different passages for every local SEO page that you have in order to keep the ranking, because Google will find out that all the pages have exactly the same text and will rank only one of them.

6 Exact match anchor text abuse

So, let’s go to number 6 that is exact match anchor text abuse.

Anchor text is the keyword that links to your website from another website.

According to Neil Patel that has the Neil Patel website and is a SEO expert and well-respected Marketeer with lots of experience and has made a lot of money through SEO, you have to diversify your keywords if you have more than 10% already used keywords, because it would look very spammy and it would not be helpful for your website.

You can use the AHREFS tool in order to find out what are the anchor texts of the keywords you have, of the links pointing to your website and then you can take some action in order to make some natural looking anchor texts, like click here or find out more here or some phrases… “If you are a SEO agency, see this”, or, “Ask for a quote from this SEO agency”.

If you have more than 10%, you can still make corrective actions.

There is no problem if you do it right now, it will not harm your ranking. On the contrary, it will help you to improve them.

7 You have an old blog with outdated content

Number 7, as I said will shock you and is more important than any other SEO tactic that will not work in 2022.

You have an old blog and you have too much content in there, too many posts, too many pages or too many posts and pages.

You need to update all of them in order to keep your site safe from the next Google updates and the competition.

So, you need to curate the content, to rewrite some posts, to see what is relevant today, what is outdated and keep doing this to all of them.

If you are blogging every month of every week, you will need to stop blogging so much and focus on the older content you have on your website.

Many of these posts might have very good quality or be very well written, but they are not relevant in 2022.

Neil Patel has at least 4 people that they are remaking or updating his huge website and they are remaking 100 posts per week, so he is writing only one post per week or per month in order to keep updating his website and you can see that his ranking is very high in Google.

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That’s all, folks!

I am Yannis Divramis, I run Paramarketing, a SEO Agency in Greece.

So, that all folks! Stay connected and you can claim your free site review by going to and we will see each other in the next video.

Thank you and I will see you on the next video!

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