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11 SEO trends in 2022 The last will schock you!

11 SEO trends in 2022 The last will schock you!

Learn what is to change in Google in the next year and outrank your competition easily!

Hi! In this video we are going to talk about 11 trends in SEO in 2022.

I am Yannis Divramis, I am a SEO expert from Greece. I run a SEO agency in Greece and internationally, but if you are looking for focusing on the Greek market and for a Greek or English-speaking company, we can be your first choice.

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What trends will happen in Google SEO at 2022?

Google is always changing, always launching new core algorithm updates, at least 3.000 and more every year, so in 2021 and 2022 we will have major changes.

But what trends will prevail?

1 Great improvement of the predictive search


Number 1 SEO Trend for 2022,  is the improvement of the predictive search.

You may see that if you make a search on Google, sometimes your syntax is not correct and Google will correct the search phrase in order to provide you the best search results and the most relevant search results.

But as soon as you are making more searches, then Google will give you suggested or predictive searches you may want to search. This will change more in 2022 and more searches will be more predictive.

That means that you will have to adjust your website content as well.

If you are doing videos, you have to make videos that are about a topic cluster than just one video about one topic.

For instance, if you are a SEO agency in Greece, like us, and you are going to talk about SEO agencies in Greece you have to make a video about

Which is the best SEO agency in Greece and how to find one” and more videos than just one.

The same will happen with the written content, such as blog posts and pages. You need a topic cluster for more than one post. Beware of making mistakes, because there is a danger of keyword cannibalization.

Keyword cannibalization means that we have more than one post or page ranking for the same keyword inside our website. So, you need different key phrases, but with the same topic cluster or the same niche.

2 Brands will prevail in SEO 2022

Number 2 of the SEO trends that will prevail in 2022 is that brands will prevail.

Think about brands. Branding is the number 1 factor I think, because Google always gives more points to brands and more well established or well-known sites than yours.

If you have an unknown site or you are opening a new company that nobody knows, you have to focus on branding and making your company known to the people and to your potential customers, to your prospects.

3 YouTube videos will take over blogs

Number 3, YouTube videos will take over blogs. I will ask a simple question… What is your favorite blog today?

We are still in Summer 2021, because I am still on vacation in Greece. My mind is in Chania, but my body is here on the studio, making videos for you.

Which is your favorite blog?

This question was more relevant 10 years ago than now, because I don’t have any favorite blogs but I have many other YouTube channels about SEO, Marketing like Neil Patel’s YouTube channel and I watch the videos, I like, subscribe and leave comments on them.

The same will happen in any other vertical.

You need to make your own YouTube channel or at least to try to make some videos by using your smartphone, because smartphones today are really smart and you can make videos with excellent quality.

Be careful with the sound, because you need professional sound equipment.

You need to buy something more expensive than the handsfree and the microphone that the smartphone has.

4 Google is more an answering machine than a search engine

Number 4, Google is more an answering machine than a search engine and replies at any question we throw to her.

So, if we are going to do any searches at Google, we will see that the searches are more complicated and there will be more questions than the previous searches when there was only one keyword.

For instance, now you can ask what if I don’t want to do SEO on my website, what if I stop doing SEO on my website, what will happen or will the weather today reach 30 degrees Celsius.

All these are questions that Google answering machine will answer and you can benefit from them by making blog posts and videos about them.

5 SEO Trend for 2022 is voice search

Number 5, is voice search.

Voice search will conquer the search results. Why? Firstly, it is easier to make a voice search today and secondly the voice search artificial intelligence machine of Google has made many improvements.

Every time we make a voice search, Google is getting better, is learning from us and I think that 2022 will be the benchmark year that voice search will be like a real human.

So, you can still adjust your blog posts and your blog posts according to the new trends and the voice search that is coming.

6 Content with EAT principle that will rank higher

Number 6 of the trends of 2022 is content with EAT principle that will be better and will rank higher than other contents without EAT principle and especially YMYL, Your Money Your Life markets like medicine market, medical market, legal market, financial market and everything that is about technical experience or someone who is an expert to a niche field in order to answer or write a post.

If you have a site that you write about medical or pharmaceutical tips or legal advices, then you need to be a doctor or someone who is a legal advisor and has a degree in law for instance, in order to rank in Google.

Google will find out if you are or if you are not someone with this kind of expertise.

7 UX will be the new SEO

Number 7, UX will be the new SEO.

UX stands for User Experience and so we need to do multiple A – B testing or split testing on our website in order to improve not only the UX but the conversion rate of our website.

The conversion rate means how many users are visiting our website and transforming to clients or potential clients. So, you need SEO software or A – B testing software or a split testing software that is not cheap today as SEO is not cheap and I am going to be harder and more expensive in the coming years.

8 SEO influencers will be more important

Number 8, SEO influencers will be more important than before, especially the SEO micro influencers and micro influencers in general.

If you have a micro niche and you can serve it better than general influencers, then you can make a point there and you can build your own trust and followers in order to make some money from Affiliate Marketing or if you have an e-shop or a physical shop or any other profession and you have a website. Your personal branding and your personal photos, for instance, can make you more influencive to your potential customers.

So, if you are about to start something think about social media and influencing.

9 Artificial Intelligence will improve in every new search

Number 9, Artificial Intelligence will improve in every new search. Think about it.

Google has created infrastructure in artificial intelligence, they have built a huge machine, huge robots, huge brains and they try to emulate the human mind, the human search intent and they are always getting better and better.

They are trained in every search we do at least 1%, 1/10%. Artificial intelligence will improve and be better than a simple search in Google. We always use artificial intelligence in order to make new searches.

10 First place in Google does not mean more clients

Number 10, first place in Google or first position in Google does not mean more conversions or more clients, because we can see that other sites are more relevant but they are ranking second or third and they have better User Experience or better prices or whatever… and they are taking more clients than we do.

What is the solution?

Focus on Conversion Rate Optimization and User Experience. As I have told you before in number 7, UX will be the new SEO. Try to find the flaws and fix them, so the user will not abandon your website and stay and ask you for something, like get a quote etc.

11 Ranking first or on the first page will be more difficult

And number 11, ranking first or on the first page will be more difficult.

Google will be more difficult for two reasons.

One, Google will make it more difficult and harder with the new updates and two more websites, more competition and so less positions for you and other websites to rank in Google.

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That’s all, folks!

I am Yannis Divramis, I run Paramarketing, a SEO Agency in Greece.

If you are an international client and you want to conquer the Greek market, we can be your first choice. If you want to review your website, claim your free review by clicking the link

Thank you and I will see you on the next video!

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