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11 Best call to action messages or titles to raise the clicks and the CTR for SEO

11 Best call to action messages or titles to raise the clicks and the CTR for SEO

Hi everyone! I am Yannis Divramis, I am a SEO expert from Greece and today we are gonna talk about 11 best call to action messages or titles to raise the clicks and the CTR for SEO.

So, everyone knows that call to action is something that call people to click on our website. You can find it by searching Google.

If you make a Google search you can see many posts and articles.

Some are very well written, some are not so well written and some will call you to click on them in order to find something that will improve your rankings, make you better, make you feel better. Generally, they will help you to find what you want.

What is the AIDA model?

Call to actions are based to a symbol marketing model that is called AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action).

These are the 4 acronyms that AIDA model stands for and is well known in the Marketing world and in SEO world, because now Marketing is embedded with SE0 and the Search Engine Optimization.

In Greece we call the SEO, but you are cleverer than me and you can understand than when I say SEO, I mean SEO. Some words for me. I run the Paramarketing SEO Agency from Greece and internationally in other brands and offices, especially in America, Los Angeles and other big cities.

More than 8 years of SEO experience

I’ve been doing this job for 8 years and for more than 21 years I was running a Web Design Agency in Greece. I’ve studied in London several years ago Marketing and I am an Associated Certified Chartered Accountant.

I only wear the shirt of the accountant, because I am not practicing this job right now.

I am only doing SEO for you and big or small businesses.

So, let’s dive into the ocean of SEO right now. Click like, click subscribe if you like the content and watch more videos. Come on, let’s go to number one.

1. It only takes 5 seconds to get first on Google


or to watch this video or to change your life or to do something or start now or don’t start this. It only takes 5 seconds to rank in Google.

This is very compelling call to action, very well written and it’s also tested on my website and other websites.

2. First I have this question for you

What is the question?

This actually makes people feel that they are losing something, if they don’t click here. The natural curiosity, the tendency that make you curious to find out what’s that.

3. The waiting is over or the job will be over

Something like that. No worries, click here.

4. Start here

Very simple, if you are getting for the first time on the website and you feel lost, then you can put Start here.

It works very well, when you are a SEO agency and you want the clients to take a small route or a small path in order to do something or give you details or ask for advice.

5. You don’t know that to do? Watch this!

You don’t know that to do? Do that! Call me! It is very simple and actually triggers the inherent desire and attention of a client or of a searcher.

6. You are doing this better than me, but I do better SEO!

Or your website is better than mine, but I rank first! It is very compelling, very simple. The antithesis only make, ask, or wonder what is better and why.

7. Look by yourself! Look this!

The proof always is better than the words. If I show you something that is a proof of what I am doing, it’s better for you to understand it. One picture, one thousand words.

8. This is the truth! This is the only truth! This is the naked or the bare truth!

SEO is difficult! SEO is not difficult! This is the truth! SEO is not for you, is for me!

9. You can’t find someone better in SEO!

You can’t find someone better than you, but I am better in SEO, for instance.

10. Aren’t you tired with the same and the same again?

This again? Do that instead! This is very strong.

11 Check availability

Don’t try to push someone to do something, but you can bring them there more naturally. For instance, is there a book now? Check availability. If there is a book now, it means that there are not many bookings and we need more bookings.

SEO is more inbound marketing, we have to magnetize them, to make them to come to us. So, it’s better to write check availability, because we trigger the scarcity mentality that this service or this product is not for everyone.

It’s not for everybody, because we are full or we are going to be full very fast, so you need to take action right now. That is the true meaning of call to action, to make the other part to act now. Not you, them.

Try to do it with a proper way. If you make many tests, you will do it right.

So, start testing now, because SEO and Marketing is about testing and don’t forget that Google changes its algorithm 3.500 times every year, Facebook makes more than 1.000.000 changes in their pages and in the User Experience every year.

That’s the reason because Facebook is Facebook, because of the tests and they can run big data and they can see what happens when someone clicks on Facebook, gets in and its User Experience is better than other social media.

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