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Why you need an SEO audit

Why you need an SEO audit

Want to rank on the first results of Google? Then you should definitely have to read this post now!

Hello everyone! My name is Yannis Divramis and I am a SEO expert from Greece.

That’s the reason I have this funny accent and today we are gonna talk about the SEO audit. What is SEO audit and why it is so important to make a SEO audit before we start working on SEO in our site.

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Sorry for my weird accent, but I’ll try my best to explain to you and not to be so awkward talking.

What is SEO audit?

A SEO audit is an audit that is done in your website. When it comes to us, we have a SEO Agency in Greece, but we also have international clients and many of them come to us with a website that it is not in the better condition in the aspect of SEO in order to rank in Google.

As a matter of fact, Google is the number 1 search engine internationally right now or in the Western world, in our target group so we need to align the website with 200 ranking factors of Google. What exactly is SEO audit?

What are the parts of a SEO audit?

A SEO audit consists of 3 parts:

First is technical SEO.

The technical SEO is to have proper code on the website, the speed of the website to be under 1” because nobody wants a slow website and Google punishes slow websites in terms of ranking.

The second part is On page SEO that consists of the content of the website, the passages, the keywords, the titles, the meta descriptions, the videos, the photos that are in our site and the third part is the

Off page SEO that are the backlinks, the social signals and everything else apart from what is inside on our website.

Why we need to do a SEO audit?


3 main reasons and the third may surprise you.

1 To find any flaws and faults in the SEO

The first is to find any flaws and faults in the general SEO and in the technical SEO that it is the easiest thing to do, but you can’t do it by yourself, because many of the faults are in the code, in the CMS system like WordPress and you need a website developer or a web designer to do technical SEO for you.

2 To draw a complete SEO plan

The second is, in order to make a SEO plan, to plan your keywords, to do your keyword research and to see what is the position that your site has today in terms of the future goals that you have in ranking.

3 To improve user experience

And the third, that many people are shocked because of it, is to improve the user experience.

Yes, user experience matters this time more than ever. It’s not so much about the backlinks, but a website with bad user experience cannot outrun the competition with the same backlinks.

So, we need to have better user experience than the competitors. User experience is more important today, because of the Web Core Vitals update that had been made on May 21 and other updates that Google had done in summer. They also have shifted the websites to be more user centric than to have only content for SEO and content for search engines.

What are the best SEO audit tools?

So, what kind of tools are we using today in order to make a complete SEO audit for your website?

1 SEO Powersuite and Website Auditor

The first tool we use mostly is the Website Auditor of the SEO Powersuite.

It is a tool that it isn’t free, you have to buy it and you have to know how to use it because it needs some parameters inside in order to make it right and in order to work properly if you have a WordPress site.

I am always talking about WordPress, because the 80% of the websites that are coming to us to do SEO to them are WordPress sites or other sites that have similar platforms like Zoomla, CS-Cart, OpenCart, Drupal e.t.c.

But most of them are WordPress sites and we are mostly serving WordPress sites in doing SEO and backlinks.

The Website Auditor will look every aspect of your website, apart from the front page, the internal linking, the meta descriptions, the follow for pages, the errors that you have, the weak pages, the duplicate content that you have inside and it will give you a thorough report with details on what you need to do in order to correct any flaws.

2 Google Search Console

The second thing we do is to visit Google Search Console and look inside if we have any errors or any messages or warnings that we do Black Hat SEO practices or we have any deindexed pages or any pages with problems.

3 Ahrefs

And the third is to make a competitor analysis using the AHREFS tool.

The AHREFS tools is also a paid tool, the only tool that is free is Google Search Console, provided by Google.

The AHREFS tool is very important and significant tool because you can do your gap analysis to see with what keywords the competitors’ sites are ranking for and with what keyword your site is ranking and to find any gaps in your keywords in order to rank for these keywords.

Make an SEO audit before starting a SEO project

So, it is very important, before we start a SEO project, to make a SEO audit and you need to make a SEO audit for every page of your website, because every website doesn’t have only one landing page, it has other internal pages that are also landing pages according to Google.

For instance, if you have a keyword like SEO agency, which is my keyword for my main page, you may have another keyword like SEO agency in Los Angeles that is an internal page or SEO services in Los Angeles that would be an internal page to the website.

So, you don’t only need one page analysis that many SEO agencies provide, but a full page analysis on your website for every keyword and every page you have inside your website to improve your rankings.

Not all SEO agencies are the same, not all are equal and many of them have many years of experience like our agency. Of course, my English is not the best, but I will do my best to serve you and to rank you on the first page of Google.

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That’s all, folks!

I am Yannis Divramis, I run Paramarketing, a SEO Agency in Greece.

So, that all folks! Stay connected and you can claim your free site review by going to and we will see each other in the next video.

Keep in touch and I will see you on the next video!

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