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How to build an online reputation?


How to build an online reputation?

There is no way you can control every single post people make about you on the Internet. What you can do is control what shows up first.

This is the 21st century and everyone has access to the internet, so it is really important to build an online reputation. It can also be called as personal branding, and no one has a choice but to do it, as it is becoming a usual thing to make a Google search to find more information about someone. If you are running a business, potential customers will search for it online, and having one bad review on the first page could lead to losing thousands of dollars.

On the other hand, it is important for individuals to have a good online reputation as most of the human resources professionals are now using Google to find information about you.

So let’s see how to build an online reputation.

Find out what is already out there and clean it up

This is the first step of building an online reputation. Find out what others can see about you on the internet by performing a search for your name (or your brand name). You can start with Google and then go to Yahoo and Bing, which covers more than 96% of internet searches. Although the results could be similar, you might see a difference between the order of results.

You will most probably be able to find a lot of records about you on the internet, maybe even in places where you have not even heard of. Chances are that some of that information could be harmful to your online reputation. If you find anything that you feel should not be on the internet, and if that information is coming from a post that you posted yourself, it is time to go there and get rid of it. If that information is posted by someone else, you can try making a request to take it down or take legal action.


The target of trying to build an online reputation is not only about getting rid of the bad records. It also includes making your name associated with all the good information you want people to see. If you find any inappropriate or search negative results, you must try to bury it with appropriate and positive results. The best way to accomplish this is by creating profiles in social networks like Facebook, Twitter,  and LinkedIn, which will rank in high positions on SERPs. Another great technique is to start a personal blog, where you can present good information about yourself to the public.

Finally, keep in mind that the Internet never forgets. So the best tactic is to always try and put your best foot forward online.

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