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Google My Business How to rank first on Google Maps

Google My Business How to rank first on Google Maps

Achieve higher rankings on the Google Maps today with these 15 magic local SEO tips!

Hi guys! I am Yannis Divramis, SEO expert.

I run Paramarketing SEO Agency and today we are going to talk about how to improve your local rankings with Google My Business or how to improve your Google My Business rankings and to rank on the first 3 results of Google Maps.

I have 3 tips that I checked on the Internet and I know from experience from SEO for another clients in the United States so I will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to rank higher.

How to raise your local visibility

So according to Google, how to raise your local visibility.

I visited the Google support site and they have only 3 big factors about ranking:

  1. Relevance
  2. Distance
  3. Prominence


The first is the relevance, how relevant is your business with the search query that someone is doing on his phone or on his computer.

For instance, if we are looking for roofers in Montclair and we are in Montclair we will see only roofers, not painters or another things about that are not relevant with roofing.


The second is the distance we have with the targeted business we are looking for, especially when we are looking for a gazoline shop or a supermarket or convenience store.

But for instance if we are in Manhattan and we are looking about roofing Manhattan we will see which businesses are not so far away from us and the nearest to us.

Many times we use businesses near me or flooring near me or roofing near me, this is a very hot keyword in the local results and you should use this keyword on your website ore your website also and as links to your site.


And the third is the prominence that it refers to the popularity of the branding, how big is the brand of the business we are looking for. So, if we are looking for a supermarket in Athens, Greece and we have a big supermarket and it would be more prominent than a smaller one or a kiosk.

These are the only factors that Google mentions to the Google support page.

But are they enough?

No, we stiil need to do more things in order to rank higher on 3 first results of the Google Maps.

Why are the top 3 results on Google Maps so important?


Because if we connect our website to one of them, it will rank higher on the organic results.

Actually, these are very important local SEO tips both for Google Maps and your website.

15 strategies to rank higher in Google My Business

So, let’s dive into the 15 strategies to rank higher in Google My Business.

1. Claim your business profile

The first one is to claim your business profile.

As we can see, some business are unclaimable, Google has found them but they didn’t have a Google My Business profile.

You can do it by your Google account and you can use your Gmail account for YouTube, for Google Ads and for the Google My Business page as we are going to create.

2. Complete every section on Google My Business account

The second is to complete every section on Google My Business account, who you are, what do you do, pictures, logos e.t.c.

3. Be very analytical and thorough with your information

The third is to be very analytical and thorough with your information and especially with your NAP (Number Address Phone).

You need this to be like a stamp, something that will be printed and be exactly the same on your website whenever you are going to use it as your contact information.

NAP stands for Number Address Phone and it has the validity of a backlink for your site and Google My Business.

4. Fill in the primary and secondary categories for Google My Business

There are primary and secondary categories for Google My Business, for instance you may do some roofing but you can also do some painting.

Roofing will be your main category and painting will be your second category, but unfortunately Google will rank your Google My Business only for one of these two local categories.

5. Choose every relevant attribute

The fifth is to use every attribute that is applicable and relevant to your website.

6. Write a complete business discription

The sixth is to write a complete business discription, what are you doing, when, your history, your profile, your clients, some awards if you have one. The longer the better.

7. Publish your Google My Business post with a photo

And the seventh is to publish your Google My Business post with a photo or photos every month or at least once a month and if you want to rank higher and to have more reviews and to have more clients is to write a post with a photo at least once a week.

If you don’t have much time, you can find an agency to do this job for you. We can do this job for you and you can ask for a quote today in order to rank and make your Google My Business visible.

8. Ask questions at your post

The eighth is to ask questions at your post or generally if someone asks questions is better to write a post on Google My Business.

9. Ask for reviews

And ninth is to collect reviews and respond to them. You need to ask for every client that you have delivered your product or sevice to him or her you have to ask them a review.

GMB reviews are very hot today and many people are looking on them in order to buy for not buy from you.

10. List your products or services

10 is to write on your product’s services, every product or service. Be as analytical as possible for everything.

11. Set up messaging

And eleventh is to set up messaging. You need to take messages from GMB as well. I know it’s too much or overwhelming for you, because you have Facebook messenger, Viber, Whatsapp or something elese but GMB messaging is a hot thing today and it can bring more customers in your business.

12. Maintain your business profile

And 12 is to maintain your business profile. Check for updates and if something is changing you need to make an update, if you have a new product, change your logo or other change in your company you need to make the update and maintain your profile.

13. Create citations with your NAP

13 is to create citations with your NAP. As I told you before, NAP stands for Number Address Phone ans it is as valid as backlinks today. Backlinks are the 70% of the ranking algorithm in Google and the same has to be on GMB as well.

How can we make citations?

We make citations by getting into business catalogs or local business bureaus or directories or to the Chamber of Commerce or whatever else but we need to be very thorough and every exact with our NAP.

It should be the same and not have commas or stops. It has to be like a photocopy of your real Number Address Phone on your Google My Business.

14. Build your Google My Business website

14 is to build your Google My Business website and to create it as analytical as possible with 2.000 words per page and then but a link of this to your website in order to have a good quality backlink from Google.

15. Place the Google My Business NAP to your website

And 15 is to place the Google My Business NAP to your website’s footer or on the contect page or both. You can make a page about areas that you serve and put all the local addresses there, all the NAPs that you have there.

You can also do it on your contact page or in the footer page. It is better to have more than one location for NAP on your website. It is a ranking factor and you have to do it right in order to help Google to read this information and rank your website and your GMB listing higher.

That’s all about how to rank higher on Google My Business listings.

I am Yannis Divramis and that’s all abut today guys.

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