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How to rank my site on Google a business SEO guide

How to rank my site on Google a business SEO guide

Hi everyone! I am Yannis and today we are gonna talk about how I raise my site or my rankings in Google.

Yes! I am a SEO expert!

I am doing this job for more than 8 years. I run a SEO agency from Greece, but all over the world! I cover America, especially Los Angeles and other states and I am on the Web Design industry for the last 21 years. I studied in London, Marketing and Accounting.

I am an ACCA Certified Accountant. I am only wearing the shirt of the accountant, but I am a SEO expert, your SEO expert. And let’s dive deep to the ocean of SEO.

Why is the first page of Google so important?

Nobody knows, but I know, because I told you I am the expert.

According to WordStream, a very pop and top website about SEO that offers services in keyword searching- I am not using them but I like their blog.

  • 1 takes the 31% of the rankings in Google,
  • 2 takes 14%,
  • 3 takes 10%,
  • 4 takes 7%,
  • 5 takes 6%
  • and we are heading to number 10 that takes only 2.2%.

It’s obvious that if you would like to be buried you need to rank on the second page of Google.

So, if it is so important and so critical to rank on Google, that’s the reason you need to do it right now.

7 Steps to rank on the first 3 positions that take more traffic in Google

1 Ask for a quote from an SEO Agency

The first is to ask for a quote from us and we will do the job of building the website from scratch and running the SEO campaigns, do the linking, write the content, because content is king and etc.

SEO is more complicated now than 10 years before.

When I started it was very easy, Google’s algorithm wasn’t so sophisticated.

Sorry for my not so good English.

Every day and every month the complexity is a total chaos and someone that knows nothing about SEO or Web Design cannot do something alone.

So, you need to ask for a quote and then we are going to build everything for you.

2 You need to build a website

If you would like to do something, the second step is that you need a website.

You don’t need a Facebook page.

A Facebook page is not enough.

You need something that is your own, like your own website because your own website has the best conversion rate on the Internet than others like social media or GMB (Google My Business), the Maps or other entities don’t have the same conversion rate.

So, the first is your website. It’s better to trust us to build your website, because SEO starts from the Web Design and not the opposite.

There are many web designers out there that they are doing very good quality job, but they know nothing about SEO, so you need to start from scratch with SEO and you need to find a SEO agency more than a Web Design agency.

3 Give a good reason to the people to visit your website


The third is to give a good reason to visit your website.

To whom? To the people, because you are building a company, a business. Businesses need to have customers. So, you need good reasons, not only one, to make someone to click on your website.

Because time is money and nobody has so much time, we need to attract the attention at least in 2 – 3 seconds, because that’s the time span of the attention that we can attract people in the western world.

You know that there are many interruptions in our lives, like YouTube videos, Snapchat, Tik Tok and many other things are coming to our lives and we cannot stay undistracted and click on a website and stay there for longer than 3 seconds, if this website is not loading or this website is not important for us or it doesn’t have something for us.

What is the reason for someone to visit my website right now?

Do I have a unique service or I am selling cheaper or I am selling something different or I am doing something different or I am selling a new revolutionary product or a service that is way better than the competition and solve this problem or serve this need better than the competition?

4 Niche down

Number 4 is to niche down. As a SEO agency, we cannot do SEO for everyone.

We cannot do SEO for all the companies or niches that are on the Internet. For instance, we have a lot of technical companies in our clientele, so we can do roofing, plumbing, we can do all the SEO around a house, the website building etc.

Or we can do SEO for escort agencies, because we have this expertise for several years right now.

But we don’t know anything about the medical SEO or doctor SEO, because it’s very special.

Google has changed the algorithm with the Medic Update 2 years ago and you need to be at least someone inside in the profession of the doctor or the medical profession or someone insider on this job in order to write posts about this topic.

So, you need to niche down in every niche you are. For instance, if you are selling cars on the Internet or if you are selling cars generally, the big ocean of the Internet is too huge for you. You have to focus on something that you are doing better.

For instance, big professional cars or trucks. This is way better and the keyword mini vans has less competition than cars in general or second-hand vans or second-hand trucks is even better.

5 Be an expert in something

Be an expert in something. You need to be the domain expert in something and to be a little bit innovative in order to build something new, something better from the competition and serve this need better than the other people.

You also need to be an expert, but to position yourself as an expert. This is called positioning in Marketing.

You don’t only have to be the expert, but you have to show that to the people. Not to flex it, but to provide evidence by blogging for instance, by making videos, by providing free information from what they need and that’s the number 6 that is to answer better the top questions of your industry, of your niche.

6 Answer better the top questions of your industry

What I mean answer better? People are always searching something.

The 93% of every visit on a website starts with a search in Google on the Western World.

So, someone clicks on Google, asks something and then it has 10 results, 10 organic results to choose from and choose what is the best for him or her.

If you can serve better this need for search and information and make him or her a customer and take his or her mail, then you have a potential customer.

7 Serve people or a customer

And number 7 is to serve people.

If you have a website and you are not serving someone’s need, then you don’t have a business.

Businesses serve a customer or a client or they deliver products or services and you are doing it better at the price that is competitive and at the price that you can make a profit.

That is the meaning of business in general and is the same in SEO with the physical market or the physical shop.

That’s all for today! It’s so simple, but the execution of every step is critical for your success. So, don’t hesitate to ask for our help, get a quote from us today and let’s build together your website and rank it on the first page of Google.

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I am Yannis Divramis and I would like to see you again on my website and on this YouTube channel. So, binge watch everything, new content is coming every week and I will see you on the next video. Bye!

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