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7 Lethal misconceptions about SEO

7 Lethal misconceptions about SEO

How to recognize them and how to avoid them before starting doing any SEO work for your website!

Hi everyone! My name is Yannis Divramis and today we are gonna talk about 7 lethal misconceptions about SEO or 7 lethal misconceptions on SEO.

Many people have wrong opinions or strong opinions about SEO.

They think they know, but in reality they don’t know anything.

1 SEO is a one time thingSo, let’s start in the first misconception that SEO is a one time thing or one off thing.

It’s not like that because SEO is a ongoing thing, is a long term process and even if your website ranks on the first page of Google, it still needs some work to retain these rankings because the competition is doing more things than you in order to outrank you.

Also, Google is a changing machine.

Google changes its algorithm maybe 3.500 times through the year, with many core updates and everyday updates that nobody can understand apart from the SEO community who are people that make experiments and have some great tools in order to check what has changed.

Google never says what changes, but we can see after the impact of the changes what they really change and what we have to do to still keep our rankings.

2 SEO is all about links (only)

The second misconception is that SEO is all about links.

As we can say links are very important but if we have a website with no content at all and nothing to visit it for, nobody will visit your site.

So why you need backlinks?

You still need content and great content is better for your people and for your market because if someone visits your website and there is nothing there, they will not stay, they will not give you their email, so they will never register on your email list and it is a common marketing mistake, because you will lose some customers, you will lose clients and you will lose traffic.

So, it’s not only backlinks. You still need a great website and you still need to write great content on it.

3 SEO is free

The third misconception is that SEO is free.

That is nonsense, because SEO is a very costly procedure and every year the difficulty ranking in Google is higher so you need more money, more quality content.

Someone has to write this content, someone has to make this video, an editor should edit this video, someone should upload this video, so the costs are higher and higher every year.

The cost of SEO is high for every market, but you can still find opportunities and you can still do it by yourself if you find a not so competitive market niche.

If you are in a field market for instance, you can find new market niches in order to serve with lower costs, but SEO is not free and the traffic of SEO is not free.

Big mistake and big misconception there about SEO.

4 SEO is dead

Four is that SEO is dead. Huge mistake. So, if SEO is dead, why a site ranks on the number 1 result of Google? There is a reason for this and the reason is that Google has a Google ranking algorithm.

Its algorithm is notorious and changes many times throughout the year in order to mislead you and to make you feel that you can’t do anything for SEO anymore.

So, in many publications on Twitter and the other social media Google says that they are enrolling a new update and you can do nothing about it.

The only thing to do in order to rank is to keep writing good content, like you are jerks.

Sorry Google, but we are not four-year-old, we are adults and we know that something else is behind of these things. SEO is not dead; it is still working. The example is my website and the websites of my clients.

So, SEO is a big thing, a huge thing and you cannot avoid it if you are a big company or if you want to make money of the internet.

5 Google ads can improve your rankings

Number 5, Google Ads or ads in general can rank your website and you can have SEO.

That’s a big mistake. Indirectly there are some factors that can be proved in the Google ranking factors if you run Google Ads, but it’s only a very small percentage, 3% for instance. The other 97% has to do with the Google ranking factors and the SEO you need to do.

For instance, you need age domain, you need high domain authority, you need great content, you need great backlinks you need links to pass from your website to other sites, you need keywords. You need all this stuff and if it is not done properly, your website will never rank in Google.

6 SEO has instant results

Number 6, SEO has instant results. So, from month 1 you have results on your website or you rank on the first page of Google.

That’s a misconception, a huge mistake, a huge lie.

In the international markets or in the United States market you need at least 12 months or more in order to rank, sometimes even 16 months to rank on the page one or on the first results page. So, you need patience and you need to have a SEO budget or else you will never succeed in SEO.

7 Everyobody can do SEO

And number 7 is that everybody can do SEO.

I think that has some truth in it, but in order to become a SEO expert you need at least 10.000 hours of hard work and practice, so it’s not so easy for everyone to do SEO.

You need to be good at writing, you need to be good at making websites and you need skills in order to rank a website.

Not everyone can do SEO, but many people can do it so if you are starting right now, you can do SEO for your website and to have some results.

At least you can learn to do that and you can watch the previous videos on how to learn SEO and become a SEO expert.

That’s all folks.

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I am Yannis Divramis and I will see you on the next video.

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