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7 Reasons your eshop needs a blog to survive

7 Reasons your eshop needs a blog to survive

Why every site needs a fully functional blog and why WordPress is the best fit for your business?

Why do you need a blog while you have an eshop?

Do you need a blog in your new eshop?

The answer is yes, and here we present you 7 reasons why you have to do, so please like, subscribe, leave a comment saying eshop or blog in the comment, so we can see if you are interested in this type of content in our YouTube channel and to make more YouTube videos about eshop and blogging.

I am Yannis Divramis, l am a SEO expert, I run the SEO Agency Paramarketing.

We make websites and we rank them as high as possible in Google.

In this video today we are gonna talk about 7 reasons than you need a blog in your new eshop or your old eshop either if you have an eshop today or you are gonna make a new eshop, it’s time to think about your blog and blogging.

1 Post to blog and then publish to Social Media

The first reason you need a blog is that you have to publish in social media a post from your blog and not just a post on Facebook. With this way you can take backlinks.

2 Aquire new backlinks

The second reason is to take backlinks from other social sites like Facebook, like Pinterest, like Tumblr and many of them have huge followers, huge authority and they can make your website rank higher in Google.

Backlinks are the 70% of the ranking factors in the Google search algorithm, so it is very important to write something about your topic in your blog and then publish it on social media and the other traffic sites.

You are gonna ask me: l already have an eshop with many products, many shopping categories, why not publish them?

That’s a good question, but you can also do that, just picture this. You have a new product and you publish it on Facebook, like a black T-shirt. It is only a black T-shirt, it is not linkbait, it’s not linkable.

Nobody cares about that.

But, see the difference if you publish a post about 7 ways to wear your old T-shirt or 7 types for T-shirts you have to buy or 7 T-shirts that suit in every occasion.

These are quality pieces of content and many will click in order to read and the people that they are going to read these blog posts are people that will buy eventually from your website when the time will come. It is better to post quality content than to post only products or advertisements in Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

3 Rank for keyword phrases


Number 3 is to rank for keyword phrases and not only for keywords.

Keywords in general, such as T-shirts, clothing, dress, wedding dresses are very difficult to rank for and the keyword difficulty is quite extreme today.

So, it’s better to find keywords that are not so competitive and from sites that they are not so well established, like yours, so you can rank for them and drag the traffic in your website.

The purpose here is to find keywords of low quality. What do l mean low quality? Low competition quality, with not many searches and not many people in the first page of Google use these keywords. Usually, they could be keyword phrases with no more than 100 searches per month.

This is not quite accurate in Google Search Console or in Google Keyword Planning Tool, but l have already searched with other keyword tools and found out that many keyword tools are not so accurate.

You need at least to have a basic idea of how many monthly searches you need (at least 100 in order to rank about a topic, like how to tie a tie). This is highly competitive, so you need to find something else, but you got the point.

You need many keyword phrases in order to rank in Google, to get on the first page and bring new customers on your website.

4 Keep your customers informed

The fourth reason is for new things on your site and for hot offers that you have, for instance Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Mid Term break sales or sales in general or new things that you are doing and help your eshop to catch some new people to read about your eshop and what you are doing.

Many people are using tips.

Tips are very hot today and you need to use as many tips as possible about your topic.

You need at least 100 blog posts in order to take some traction and to uplift your website in Google’s eyes.

5 Branding

Number 5 is branding. I told you why you need a blog in your eshop at the first 4 reasons, but the fifth reason is to build a strong brand. Even though nobody knows you today, it’s still important to start blogging from the first day.

Why? Because blogging is a low cost and high-quality procedure to bring new people to your website who will be generally interested about what you are writing about.

For instance, it’s not like advertising, radio or TV ads. It is not based in disruption, it is based in Inbound Marketing, in magnetic marketing and to make people to get on your website in order to learn more and build an audience.

6 Become an influencer yourself, a marketing persona

The sixth reason is to be an influencer by yourself. You need to build a marketing persona or a buyer persona.

What is a buyer persona?

It is the average buyer, the average Joe that will buy from your website.

If you are, for instance, an eshop with clothes, with fashion clothing like Zara, your buyer persona would be about 25 – 30 years old, 100% women that are fashion victims or like to go out to find a new boyfriend or something like that, because every month like to buy something new in order to wear it and feel good.

So, the buyer persona is something like this and it is great and very important that people will come to your site and will be attracted by you because you are like them. Everyone looks for people who are like them in order to follow and to do something in order to take advice.

7 Blogs help remarketing through email marketing

And the seventh is remarketing. Remarketing is a very common marketing word today and you can hear it also as retargeting and also known as Google retargeting with the Google Ads platform. Blogging is something like this…

It is to write for many things in Google and have so many new posts to put on your website and rank higher in different places in Google and people who are searching to find something similar will come to your website again and again.

The magic number here is the number 7.

You need at least 7 times someone to visit your website in order to feel that it is ok with him to buy from you. You need at least 7 times someone to see you in order to say that you are familiar to him. So, the 85% from the purchases are coming from people that have visited your website 7 – 12 times before.

A blog in a website is very important.

It is better to use WooCommerce, because it has the WordPress blog in it.

You don’t need to have a subdomain in your blog, but to have it inside your eshop. It is very important not to use other platforms like Magento, like SSS Cart, OpenCart, because they don’t have so powerful blogging technology like WordPress has.

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