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The best way to learn SEO by yourself!

The best way to learn SEO by yourself!

And save thousands of dollars to agencies!

Hello everybody! My name is Yannis Divramis and now we are going to talk about how to learn SEO by yourself.

If you are a, Do-It-Yourself person or a student or a businessman who has free time and you want to learn more about SEO, then you can watch this video.

Let’s go straight to the topic.

What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization and it has to do with everything you need to know and to do about your website in order to rank on Google rankings.

SEO has many categories but now we are going to stick to the basics.

Built your own website

The first thing you need to do in order to learn SEO today is to build your own website.

I know many of you are not programmers, don’t know how to code, the only thing you know maybe is how to post something on Facebook or to write something on social media, on Twitter or LinkedIn, but you still need a website because the Facebook page or the Twitter profile or the BlogSpot or the site is not the site you need in order to learn SEO and the secrets of Google.

You need at least 10.000 hours in order to be a SEO expert, but you can make your first step today with your own website and you can use WordPress as the CMS for this course.

The CMS is the Content Management System and the best in the world in terms of SEO and of scalability and in SEO abilities is WordPress.

Don’t think that there are better programs or easier programs.

Stick to the basics and the WordPress isn’t another one CMS today.

It is the most popular and the friendliest for Google all over the SEO community. So, let’s go deep.

1 Pick the proper market niche


The first step is to pick market niche, a small market niche that is not so well operated or so well served. It is usually underserved for other people and you have to find this market niche in order to succeed.

If you use a generic market niche or a generic blog, is very difficult to rank in Google and in the first 5 Google search results.

The first 5 Google search results take over the 70% of the overall traffic!

So your website will never have the blood in order to get alive and to have significant traffic.

You have to niche down in order to learn SEO with something that you like.

How can you choose the perfect market niche?

First, I would like to say that you can make your hobby or your job a website or your next profession.

For instance, you can be a baseball collector or you can collect some items that are priceless or some autographs and you can make a website about them.

You can even sell them or provide valuable information about baseball or another sport, like wrestling.

It is very important to love what you do in order to succeed, because if you don’t love what you do or you don’t have some expertise above the average, no one will visit your website and read your blog.

There are more than 7 billion blogs, one for every person on the earth so it is difficult for someone to make website in Google and compete with all the other blogs that exist today.

The second thing we have to take into consideration in order to find your market niche is to find a market that has high demand and not big competition.

It’s like searching in Google for long competition keywords.

You can use the Google Keyword Explorer if you have used Google Ads, you can use this tool in order to see long competition and long keywords and find long competition opportunities in the market niches.

Apart from this, you need to look for the market potential for every potential market.

What does this mean?

Market potential is how much market can grow in the future. For instance, if you choose the crypto market today, it has a huge market potential because of the opportunities the market hides and the people are always flooding in this market today.

2 choose the proper money keywords from this market

And if you choose the market right, you have to choose the keywords from this market, so number 2 is to find the industry keywords or the most significant keywords for this market. You don’t only need the basic keywords, but you need to find some keyword phrases in order to start that they have long competition for instance.

We are going to speak for SEO. IF you want to learn SEO you need to write about how to do SEO, what is SEO, how can a website rank in Google, what are the Google results, what are the Google Maps, what are the backlinks, how to write perfect content.

All this stuff is keywords that you can use on your website in the content or the SEO market or the SEO agency market.

3 Pick a branded domain name

So, after that you need to pick up a domain name.

The first step is to pick a domain name that should be branded and with a keyword.

For instance, if you are a SEO agency, you should pick up a keyword like SEO, .com, .net. Please choose only .com, .net or .org domains for your national website in the United States, but if you are on another market, like in Germany you should choose .de domain name.

In Greece we use .gr domain name.

All the other suffixes are not good for your website, because they don’t send the proper signals in Google in order to rank in the national markets.

4 Get fast hosting

And the fourth step is to choose fast web hosting.

Not a very generic one but you can use companies that have fast websites and good support service like MyIP.

MyIP offers 50% off by clicking on the site with the coupon code PARAMARKETING50.

You take 50% off and the company has servers all over the world, in Europe, in America and in Greece, so you can pick the perfect web hosting service in your area and local market.

5 Choose the proper WordPress theme

And the next thing, number 5, is to choose a WordPress theme.

As I told you before, WordPress is the most SEO CMS today.

What is a CMS?

CMS is the Content Management System that we can put content on the Internet, Google reads it and then can rank it in the Google Search Engine Result Pages.

I propose only 2 WordPress themes.

The first is the GeneratePress for websites and blogs and the second is the Shoptimizer for WooCommerce.

I’ve tested more than 1.000 different themes in WordPress all over the years, maybe 1.500 and I think that these two are the best in terms of speed and Google friendliness.

6 Write quality content

And the next step, number 6 is to write the content and build the website.

There are many posts and blogs and videos about content writing, copywriting and how to rank your post first.

You need to be very careful in order to rank in the first page of Google.

You have to find a topic that is underserved with not so high competition and then put the keywords in the right order, in the title, in the URL, in the h1 tag, h2. You need to use simple language, language for the 9th grade, for the fifteen-year-old people.

That’s your target group in terms of language level, because many people cannot read or write so you need to be as simpler as possible. So, in terms of keyword density you need to stick to 1-4 % and use many variations of the keywords in order to give Google the point of what you are writing about.

Very basic in the On page SEO is how to learn the On page SEO and how much time it needs in order to rank in Google. You need to be a good writer in order to start, so you need better writing skills.

7 Find some quality backlinks

And the final step, number 7, is the backlinks.

Backlinks is the 70% of the Google ranking factors, so in terms of SEO we need to make some backlinks and if you want to learn SEO you need to make the basic backlinks which are a Facebook page to put your site on, the second is Twitter, LinkedIn, social profiles, probably a Blogspot with you link on it, a site, a Tumblr site.

All these microsites can give links to your website and make it more visible on Google.

If you want to learn SEO you need at least 10.000 hours of practice and that is the 10.000 rule as Bruce Lee says in his book, but you can still do the basics in SEO with less hours.

I am Yannis Divramis, I am a SEO expert. I run the Paramarketing SEO Agency and if you want to rank in Google and need some more tips about SEO you can contact me and ask for a quote today.

Binge watch this video and the other videos that I am posting every week in my YouTube channel.

Sorry for my not so good English, but I am in Greece and everybody knows English there but nobody speaks them, so the only time I speak English is to you. I promise, I will become better on the next videos. Keep in touch, bye!

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