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How much does SEO cost?

How much does SEO cost?

What is the cost of a SEO service today?

What is the cost of SEO generally?

My name is Yannis Divramis, I am a SEO expert from Greece.

We have an international SEO Agency,

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We are a SEO agency on the SEO market for more than 21 years, even before Facebook and other major companies today and we are offering quality SEO service for major companies all over the world, only in English speaking countries and in Greek speaking countries like Greece.

So what are the costs of SEO today?

Let’s dive in this topic.

I am not a native English speaker and the problem here in Greece is that everyone knows English, but nobody speaks them.

Maybe is a chance to make English a second language in Greece in the public sector and everywhere.

4 SEO services categories


Let’s talk about the cost of SEO services.

There are 4 major SEO services or 4 SEO services categories.

1. Monthly SEO fee

The first is the monthly SEO fee, the monthly retainer that starts from 500 euros to 5.000 euros in Greece or some other places, like Los Angeles starts from 5.000 and it can go as high as 30.000 euros per month.

This extreme cost is not so extreme, if we consider the competition that L.A. has in some professions like doctors, lawyers, roofers or other professions like SEO experts and Agencies in Los Angeles and Francisco Bay area.

So, the cost depends from the location, the area of service

For a city like Athens and a country like Greece the costs are significantly lower and for other major cities like Dublin, Munchen and other smaller cities the costs are way lower than the costs of L.A.

2. Yearly cost

The second category is the yearly cost or the one time fee that can start from 1.000 euros to 10.000 euros.

Approximately, euros are the same with dollars but in many cases it can go up to 30 dollars for an one time SEO fee.

That means that we do SEO for one time per year for a website like correcting the metadescriptions or redesigning the website or making some backlinks for 1 or 2 months and then we stop and we wait for one year until we start again or do it for one time only.

The problem with SEO is you cannot see results in 1 – 3 months.

You need at least 6 – 12 months in order to see some results.

The reason is that Google slowly crawls your website and the results of SEO are long term, not short term, so we need at least some months because of the different time phase that Google has with the SEO efforts.

If we do something on our website, we will see the results in 3 months.

It is better not to choose one time SEO services or yearly SEO services that we do SEO one time per year.

It’s better to choose monthly SEO service, because we need to work with the client for more than 6 months in order to see some traffic on their website. Read SEO Mistakes: 11 Most common that devalue your site on Google.

3. Hourly cost

The third way of charging SEO services is the hourly cost, pay per hour and it starts from 50 euros to 2.000 euros approximately.

Maybe sometimes the clients want to correct something or something went wrong or the Sitemap is not good or proper.

Many SEO Agencies are charging by the hour, we are not doing this thing.

We are offering to clients that need small solutions or small corrections free services.

I strongly recommend avoiding this kind of SEO cost model, because payment per hour is not ideal for a business which wants to see results that will last in SEO.

I think that you should do something more long term as I told you before and you need more time in order to work with a SEO expert in order to see results and to keep them. Also, see How much does a website design cost?

4. Project based SEO

And the fourth is project based SEO that starts from 50 euros and it can go up to 30.000 euros or more that is for large projects, for applications, for platforms that need SEO on the design or someone to look on the SEO on the building of the website.

In general, SEO services cost from 50 to 30.000 euros or dollars.

It depends on many SEO factors we are gonna see below.

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SEO cost factors

I have done my research and also my huge previous experience as a SEO expert and as a SEO Agency owner, I found 7 great factors that contribute to the cost of SEO

1. SEO pricing model

The first is the SEO pricing model that every SEO Agency follows.

Some SEO Agencies are more experienced some aren’t, some are providing solutions, and some have professionals that are off site so they are charging more or less.

Generally speaking, every SEO Agency has a pricing model that is approximately the same, at least the major and the more experienced ones, so it depends on the pricing model what they are going to charge you for SEO services.

2. Speed of the results

The second is the speed of the results we want or how aggressive we want to do SEO.

For instance, we can do the same SEO job of 12 months in a period of 6 months only, but the results will not show in the exact time as they would done in 12 months.

Even if we do everything in one month, we will not see results in Google in one month.

Also, it’s not good to have intense backlinks or too many backlinks in a short period of time.

We need to spread the backlinks and the SEO efforts for a longer period of time.

It is better for us and for Google, because Google will see our website with suspicion if we do Black Hat

Read 7 SEO tactics that will not work in 2022 The 7th will kill your site!

So, the aggressiveness of the SEO has to do with the total price as well.

3. SEO goals

The third is the SEO goals that every website has or a business, because a website is a business.

If we have too many goals or we need to do more with SEO, we need to pay more than someone who has a local eshop.

For a global company with many markets, the cost will be higher because it will have many and complicated goals to achieve with SEO.

4. SEO expert’s experience

The fourth is the SEO expert’s experience or the SEO Agency’s previous experience.

The more experienced ones want more money than someone that comes first time to the market and this is common sense.

If a doctor is new and doesn’t have clients, he will charge less.

If someone is more advanced, he will charge more because he already has some clients.

The same is with SEO Agencies and SEO experience is a critical factor for an SEO project.

5. SEO location

And the fifth is the SEO location. If you hire a SEO Agency from America you will pay more than if you hire us that we are based in Greece.

The price is not so different in terms of countries, because Greece is a European country and we have a price level, not at the same point as the United States.

If you hire someone for India, you won’t have results but you will pay 100 euros per month.

I know that agencies that are located to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries are not so professional.

See What is White Hat SEO?.

They don’t speak English, they don’t know the language so they are not offering good results and they are desperate to find clients, so they charge so much less, because with 100 euros you can’t take anything of value.

6. Competition

The sixth is the competition of the SEO Agencies.

If there are many SEO Agencies, then the prices are falling.

If there are less, the prices are rising.

It has to do with the demand of SEO services, in general, and the supply of SEO services in the market.

The sixth factor is not so crucial, because even if there are too many SEO Agencies, it doesn’t mean that all of them can do the same job.

You have to take many offers, you have to speak with them in order to find someone that will deliver the job that you asked for.

7. Client’s business website

And the seventh is the client’s business website.

99% of the websites that are coming to us need web redesign, because they are not properly built for SEO.

Web designers are not SEO experts and we are not expecting from them to deliver a SEO right website or a SEO centered website.

So we need to see where is the website today, in what position is it ranking, for what keywords, if it has major competition etc. See 5 Things To Do Before Designing A Site On WordPress.

This a very important factor of the SEO pricing.

4 major tips for SEO pricing

And let’s go to 4 major tips for SEO pricing, what to avoid and what to do, but before I do that, please like and subscribe to our channel, hit the bell button in order to receive the new notifications every time a new video comes out.

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Some words about our supporters

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1. Avoid cheap SEO services

The first is to avoid cheap SEO services of 100 euros that many people can offer in India, in Bangladesh and other third world countries.

You are not going to see many results, they are using Black Hat SEO techniques and you are jeopardizing your website to be punished by Google.

2. Request deliverables

The second is to request deliverables for every job every month.

If you agree with us to do SEO job, you need to ask for deliverables and not only the rankings.

It is very critical to see what happens in your website.

Some agencies are doing absolutely nothing, they are charging and they have no deliverables to show their clients.

Sometimes rankings happen naturally and the agencies are doing nothing to improve them.

3. Ask for custom solutions

And the third is to ask for custom solutions.

Not every site is the same and there are not packages for SEO services.

SEO is not a product, SEO is something that is custom made for every client.

So, if you ask us for a SEO quote we have to check your website, check your rankings, check your competition, check the keyword difficulty and all that stuff in order to see how much it will cost you in order to rank.

4. Avoid package solutions

As I told you before, SEO is a custom service. It is not a pop service.

Every eshop has different SEO needs, different SEO mistakes and different competition.

That’s all about the costs of SEO.

If you would like to ask for a SEO service from our SEO Agency, you can click right now.

My English are not perfect, but my SEO services are so we can still rank you in the first page and in the first results of Google.

Average SEO costs

Average SEO costs SEO cost factors SEO pricing tips
Monthly SEO costs $750 – $2000 / month SEO pricing model Avoid agencies advertising ‘cheap’ SEO rates, like $100 or less
Hourly SEO costs $80 – $200 / hour SEO goals Request deliverables alongside pricing to see what you’re paying for
Project-based or one-time SEO costs $5000 – $30,000 / project  SEO aggressiveness Look for companies that customize their solutions to your goals and industry
Overall, SEO prices range from $80 to $30,000+ Service provider’s experience Look for companies that customize their solutions to your goals and industry

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I am Yannis Divramis, I am a SEO Expert.

I run the SEO Agency Paramarketing and I am very glad that you’ve watched this video and keep watching the other videos, because we are posting every month many videos about SEO.

So, if you run a website and want to rank higher in Google, you can ask now for a website promotion offer and get a quote for us.

I am Yannis Divramis and I will see you on the next video.

Please binge watch the other videos and buy some Puppy Coin, too! Bye!

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